Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Salesmen and Barf

Hey, now that May is over, I guess I could review my resolutions, right? :D's maybe not a good thing that I'm at a point where doing that makes me want to laugh...

Frugality? We're sort of slacking.
Harp practice? Better than before!
Strong body? YEAH!
Man, we're so proud of ourselves! We've been working out 5 days a week for 6+ weeks now, and it's wonderful! We're not too shabby on the nutrition department, either.
For a while, I was confused at this mass of fat that seemed to be GROWING on my belly--so not fair with all those negative pregnancy tests--but while talking to my sister Liz, I think I've figured it out! When you lose weight, the belly fat is typically the last to go. So while I lost everywhere else, maybe my stomach stayed the same and therefore looked horrible compared to the other shrinking parts! :) And I think I've finally leapt past that, too. I feel good, I look healthy.

And I think our recently improved health played a key role in preventing us from getting so sick this last weekend!

Our family reunion was so wonderful, such a blessing. So great that I had a hard time even writing good journal entries because I would have written SO many pages of all the happy things (it's hard for me to pick them apart, too)! And during all of that wonderful happiness, we had sick kiddos and a few sick adults. Flu sick. Barf and diarrhea sick.

I feel blessed; Ender got sick after we got home, and I had allergies bad enough that I couldn't smell any of the barf! Awesome.
Poor baby, though. When I was changing a particularly sewageful diaper of his, Michael said "Ender, you gotta stop diarrhea-ing!" Ender replied apologetically "It just got out."

I went off to the grocery store to pick up some soda and saltines (and 100 other things I didn't realize we needed...of course), and when I got home, a salesman perfected his nonchalance by watching me unload bags and asking "I'm just curious..."
RIGHT. No you're not. I mean, I don't mind salesmen too badly if they just come out with "Hey, I'd love to sell you this!" Fine, then I don't feel so bad saying "No. Goodbye."

But he asked me where we go to have our oil changed and stuff.
"We do it ourselves."
It probably still would cost more than the great deal he had to offer me...
"Well, we don't even have our car here! We're using my parents' car!" (and I'm not telling you that we're swapping back tomorrow).
He goes on about something, but at this point, I've stopped listening because Michael calls to me from the back of the house: "Heeeeelp!!!" Uh-oh. I interrupted the salesman:
"I'm sorry. I'm not interested, and I have to go now because my son just threw up and my husband needs my help. Have a nice day!"
...and he was gone!
I think I'll use that next time even if Ender didn't throw up! :D

*in my mind I was more assertive and real life, it might have been more apologetic and smiley and polite. But who wants to hear about that? What matters is how it played out in my head, right? :D Cause in there, I'm sooo cool...