Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Real Reason For Cubicles

I don't even know how many times I've told myself I'll go to bed. I don't know why I don't want to. I'm not even alive anymore at this point! Why don't I just quit being awake already!

But while chasing an elusive booger (uh, yeah, I DID just say that--seriously, I'm alone in the room, my nose is stuffed, I'm about to wash my face and hands anyway to get ready for bed, so who cares? Really, do you? Well don't, because it's my nose, and I won't shake your hand with its germs).
Oh yeah, I was in the middle of a sentence. So. While chasing an elusive booger, I remembered something funny about yesterday. :) And had to share.

Oh, mini intro first. In second grade, my teacher was an avid user of what she called "blinders" during testing time. Mrs. Gray would hand out trifold cardstock things, two per kid. We'd put one in front of us, creating a three-sided wall on our desk, and then the second one on top. Then we'd pull our chairs in and crouch inside. 
Early training for cubicles. 
I took it as a blessing, an opportunity. At last! The privacy to pick my nose and get the boogers that had been bothering me all morning! And I would never have dared without my Mini Test Cubicle...

I've always been on the more private side with my nose picking...ahem. You dear friends and family who know me so well may laugh, but you are excluded from counting because privacy is scarce with you guys. You understand. 
So I've always been quite amused to find people who either have no inhibitions about gold digging in public or have let their minds wander in the boredom enough to forget where they are...

I'm the primary chorister. That means I get to enjoy the darling and amazingly attentive faces of the primary children. I LOVE it. I love THEM!!!

Yesterday, though, I had to let that love override the urge to laugh and embarrass them. Because as I conducted/talked, I looked right into the face of a pretty little girl with her finger up her nose to the knuckle. Half-second delay in response...then suddenly her eyebrows shoot up and her hand drops down--but I made myself look away like it was nothing.
(Laughing inside! Oh, these funny kids!)
And then it happened again. Same girl. I managed to make it seem like I was just letting my eyes slide past her.
And then it happened again: New girl! Oh dear. She was really digging. And she looked quite embarrassed and shocked to be discovered. I was already smiling, unfortunately, so I had a little less control, and I think my smile stretched bigger. But I forced myself to look elsewhere.

Then guess what.

It happened again.

A TEACHER. A MAN TEACHER. AN OLDER MAN TEACHER. And I just grinned. I think I even chuckled.

I'm just lucky the timing fit with something funny I'd said.

(And for the record? No way do I hold it against them for picking their noses. Remember my first paragraphs? Duh, yours truly).