Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time Capsule: Questionnaire by Maddie

While I get the birth story together (three pages in my journal and still not to the part where we went to the hospital), here's a little treasure from the Time Capsules of Storage. You will see a lot of treasures from there, I think-- my parents, finally in their own home with retirement in full bloom, have gotten their things from storage, and that includes several boxes of my own things! 
My things include TONS of notebooks. Most of them are only half-filled, too! 

So today's treasure? An "interview" with my sister Maddie on one of our many road trips. Get ready for some 14-year-old-Qaitness with a funny (and increasingly bored) Maddie! (She's the best part of it all). Too bad I can't include the little faces we drew along with comments. The classic ":)" doesn't really cut it.

(probably 13 or 14 here, as opposed to 11 or 12 at time of questionnaire).

MADDIE: Sorry I said you stink on car trips. You don't usually, and even when you do, it's mainly because of gas. :)

QAIT: I don't care- it was a PMS hormones moment. If I smell like a sack of kaka, oh well. "IT'S ALL IN THE CRAMPS," said a wise woman (?). Gas is awesome.

Well I thought you might be slightly surprised/hurt when I blurted that, cause I would have been. Besides, I'm sure I stink really bad sometimes on car trips! I'm glad you're not hurt/mad. PS: I just passed gas.

Just your breath and on occasion your armpits. ;) Ask me a question.

Question: If you were a fairy, what color and season would you be?
Answer: I would be a plaid winter fairy.

Q: What is your least favorite kind of candy?
A: Cotton.

Q: Say you and your hubby go on a camping trip (you're married for now). Which is bound to annoy you more? 
1. his B.O.
2. his tired laziness
3. his sardine breath

Q: Which is more likely to get you out of bed in the morning?
1. You hear Nigel give a strangled meow. All his meows sound strangled.
2. You smell your favorite breakfast.
3. The bed is cold and uncomfortable. Ask me a question I can answer in my own words.

Q: What would make a haunted house scary to you? (Satanic stuff doesn't count).
A: Someone I can't see grabbing me. 

Q: What's one of the most annoying things pubert boys do?
A: Pick their faces? I don't know!

Q: Would you pick a huge wedgie in front of a crowd of hot guys if it meant you would never get a cavity?
A: I've done it before...and I don't have any cavities! >:)

Q: What color panties are you wearing?
A: Zebra again (fresh of course).

Q: What is your least favorite flavor of flouride?
A: Bubblegum.

Q: Which kind of deformity do you think is scariest?
A: Fire melted skin.

Here I must say sorry to all burn victims. But all the other deformities I could think of were things people might be born with...or something like the loss of a limb, which just doesn't rack up to "scary." So it's more the horror of having been burned than the actual burned person that scares me the most. And if I were to worry about becoming deformed, I think my vanity would suffer the biggest blow if my skin were burned.

Q: What's one of the most annoying things Dentists do?
A: "Let's be best friends" stuff.

Q: what makes movies really dumb to you?
A: Macho guys (who are just stupid) and ditz girls who get in the way of the plot...ill planned bad acting!

Q: I'm sure this is funner for you than for me. What is a job you would love to have that is kind of corny?
A: Detective-- a female James Bond.
That's not so corny! 

Q: My butt hurts. Does yours?
A: It's unconscious. X(

Q: Why do you think coyotes howl at the full moon?
A: Cramps. :\ Because it awakens their spirits and the connection to the heavens is sharpened. They sing out their souls, with whatever extreme emotion they feel (maybe). ;)

Q: Which supernatural power would you most like to have?
A: Invisibility...and flight...

Q: You know I can hear you crunching your carrot. Or did you know?
A: Doesn't matter. I only wanted something to nibble (tastes gross).

Q: If you had to give up one of your talents (say, for Nini's life) (that's nigh-nigh, Nigel) which one? It can be minor. Oh, and why?
A: Future predicting (ESP). It bothers me sometimes. :)

Q: What makes hotels heaven to you?
A: Cozy beds, balconies, big TV, beautiful bathrooms.

Q: Do you have to potty?
A: Not at all. Bladder's dead.
Mine too.

Q: Would you like an apple pie with that?
A: Perhaps.

Q: And how do you like your teeth?
A: Clean please.

Q: Tell me, is it natural to you when you burp after soda, or does the soda make you?
A: Soda makes you. (Bubbles and stuff).

Q: Oh, and why do you write in caps?
A: It's cool. I don't like my other handwriting right now.

Q: I see. Very interesting. You know, I think it'd be cool to have star shaped eyes. Your opinion?
A: Enchanting! 

Q: I knew it! I just knew it! Do you think [BOY] will hug you when he first sees you? (I do).
A: Maybe. He might hesitate, though!

Q: Oh. Weirdo. Do you hope he'll be really hot?
A: I don't know. I think I do.

Q: Am I giving you enough space to write your answers? A: Q: hahaha! Goodnight. PS: How dare you fall asleep while I strive to think of questions to ask you. 

I was just waiting, not sleeping. But I was also wishing I could run along the beach in Italy with Blake. Ridiculous, isn't it? One second it's all about Heath, then Blake, then Jared, then whoever is next! Makes me feel evil! :( Is it bad? I don't mean to like so many guys at once. 

Hey...I have a confession. I miss Mark and Josh and Allen like heck! And I'm thinking about Josh a lot...wishing I wasn't so dumb when I had the chances to talk to him. I like him! =[ And, about you wondering whether it's wrong to... I don't see why, cause you're just friends, BUT! If it's friend...friendlier...friendliest--LOVE! (What d'ya know!) then it seems a bit ___? to me. 

I like Josh, too. He's the coolest kid outside our family. ;) Just email him. He would no doubt answer and you could ask for Mark's email. :)
I'm BLEH...


Are you predicting you'll be hyper in the hotel(s)? I can feel it stirring in me... :)

Who knows. Periods can kill me. I'm actually in terrible pain but you don't know that. I might get hyper, I mightn't. 

THE END! What do you think of Maddie's creativity?! Huzzah, Maddie! Huzzah! Even though you seemed to have orthodontia on the mind, you came up with some pretty interesting questions! 

Scarlett's Arrival

I would love to share the story of Scarlett's birth. But it hasn't molded itself into words, yet. It's all so BIG in my mind, full of such incredible elation and love that it won't fit yet. :) My mind needs time to soak it up. 

Scarlett Estelle 
8 lbs. 1 oz., 19.5"
16 July 2011, Saturday at 5:07am. 

She is beautiful. We are all smitten.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Soon, Whatever That Means

I should be showering right now--scratch that, I should be eating right now and then showering--but the blog is sending its powerful forces of persuasion while I'm already taking a moment at the computer.

At my delightful baby shower, I had fun joking with all the women about how we get so READY to have the baby that we're a little on the desperate side. We talked about ways to induce labor, what it's like to be in labor, etc. But I've realized after surprising everyone by making it to church yet again that I don't mind. After all the fun of saying how much I'd love to have her NOW, I've realized I actually still feel patient.
So does Michael.

We're okay with waiting, with letting ourselves be surprised when it finally happens. We still pray that she'll come "soon," which once in a while has made me feel a little silly since I realize that technically, any time she comes is soon. But I don't feel like Heavenly Father thinks I'm silly. Even though He surely gets bazillions of Pregnant Prayers with the same request, I think He's excited, too! This will be an incredible occasion, monumental and vastly important! The arrival of Scarlett is no light matter! She will be sent to us with great joy, and we will receive her with great joy! A little bundle of a bright spirit. Darling Scarlett Estelle.

So we're admittedly hoping for the wonderful surprise of having her NOW, but it will be wonderful whenever the moment comes!

When I was pregnant with Ender, I did not feel patient. It didn't help when people tried to encourage me with the promise that it wouldn't be forever, that it never is. Once I hit 36 weeks, I felt like I might as well be done and have him. It was a fairly rotten pregnancy, too, but I felt like I was clawing at the due date. I couldn't make the days go fast enough, and the last weeks seemed completely superfluous to the pregnancy. Why bother with them if it would be medically "safe" to have him earlier?
I remember many occasions that I broke down and bawled in my prayers to Heavenly Father and begged Him to bless me to go into labor right away. I felt so very done with the pain, the exhaustion, the wait. One specific breakdown was brought on by a little accident on my way to the car between classes. It was winter in Rexburg, and that Tuesday morning I had decided to look a little nicer for devotional and forego my everyday snow boots. I chose some shoes that were appropriate for a skirt but honestly very ugly: my non-slip shoes. I was trying to be wise, you see.
Alas! My non-slip shoes failed me, and I slipped in the parking lot! My backpack swung off my shoulders, my skirt got yanked up, and as I blocked my stomach with my arms, I scraped my left leg across the asphalt, winding up with a huge gash up my shin and knee. It was ugly. I looked around for perhaps a little help, but no one else was in the parking lot. So I stumbled to my car, got in, and promptly started to cry my guts out.
I prayed and cried and prayed and cried for half an hour, at least. I felt so miserable. Plus, my leg hurt.
Some default comfort kicked in finally, my automatic timer Optimism telling me I ought to be done and simply buck up. I cleaned my leg as well as I could with some stashed fast food napkins, and I limped to my French class holding my skirt up so it wouldn't stick to the wound. I felt like apologizing, as if I were trying to show off my scrape.
I'm so glad my teachers were understanding and lenient when I had days like that. I tried not to, so it only happened a few times, but I'm glad it was never an issue, academically speaking.

This time it's like I'm allowed to feel that way, but I'm surprised to find that I really don't feel that way. I'm not hoping to push the date away out of fear or nervousness. Like I said, NOW would be awesome. But it's okay if I make it to my chiropractor appointment. It's okay if I end up seeing the midwife again to be told that I'm not dilated past 3 yet. And it's even okay if I wind up at church on Sunday and make it through primary another week. Besides, singing time is already planned.
(The only disappointment there? I will NOT be there the last Sunday of this month, and singing time for that Sunday will be SO fun! I actually wish I could do it!)

We're not even 100% sure what my due date is. On one record, I've got today. On another, tomorrow. My original math told me it would be the 18th. According to a newer calculation from ovulation, it's the 15th.

Soon...that's good enough!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Creation

Aah! It almost got away from me! I meant to do something for Scarlett in June. I mean, something project-y. I did a lot of "nesting," so it's not like I wasn't creative, but here's what I'm counting for that month: 

I'm the primary chorister, so this will aid me in teaching July's song "I Love to See the Temple." 
I covered a box (with packing paper I saved from IKEA boxes...I love big blank paper). The steeples are made from "book board," which is super heavy duty. It's also meant for fancier projects, but I've saved it for something like five years now and done nothing else with it, so I couldn't be too sorry about using it like I'd use cardboard.

I think this Angel Moroni is very cute. :) 

  This is to show you the way it's kind of shimmery since I didn't catch it in the bigger pictures.

These are covered cards from a regular deck (regular except that they're Elvis themed, as a prank gift from Maddie! Hah! Elvis and the temple?). The numbers will be used in a game for the songs. 
I used numbers instead of actual song titles so it could be reusable with other songs or games.

Tada! :)