Friday, May 23, 2014

Boredom Busters

Day ONE of summer: I already feel crazy. I won't go into detail-- because right now I'm not in the frame of mind to be able to do that without complaining about my kids' whining and such. Seriously, today's post could be called "Qaptain Mommypants and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."

So before I babble on and on about how I hate to hear the words "I'm bored," here's what you can expect in this list of Boredom Busters:

Nothing crazy, nothing gender-exclusive (so each idea can appeal to both of my kids), nothing TOO messy (we hope), nothing costly, nothing labor-intensive on my part, nothing requiring extensive planning, nothing dangerous...nothing annoying.

There are lots of activities that do not belong in a list like this-- things like going swimming, going anywhere as a family, playing computer games or watching a TV show-- because I assume that will be happening anyway. While some things may take more preparation/cost/involvement depending on which Mom is helping which kids, these are supposed to be relatively quick fixes for Boredom.

Reminiscent of the Ghostbusters - this is our container of little folded strips of paper for each idea on the list. Shake the container, close your eyes and pull out a strip of paper. The goal is to attempt the very first idea you pick, not to sift through until you find a favorite...but some days that may be necessary.


  • create sculptures with toothpicks and marshmallows
  • create sculptures with popsicle sticks and glue
  • make a storybook 
  • make pictures with cut-out pieces of paper
  • make a craft from the Childcraft Make and Do book
  • read a book
  • paint a picture
  • sculpt something out of clay and bake it
  • play with play-dough
  • draw a map of the house or yard
  • dig for buried treasure in a spot Mom says is okay
  • make pictures with things found in nature 
  • draw pictures on the patio with chalk
  • play games (like hopscotch, foursquare) with chalk 
  • make a costume
  • create and perform a play
  • make sock puppets or paper bag puppets
  • ask Mom for hair gel and make up goofy hair styles
  • have a little picnic in the backyard
  • ask Dad if you can set up the tent
  • learn something on the piano
  • read an Encyclop√¶dia article 
  • learn an origami craft
  • ask Mom if you can make a treat together
  • play with water balloons in the yard
  • take a bubble bath
  • make a paper-animal zoo
  • dance to music
  • ask Dad to help you compose a song
  • write a letter to someone
  • ask Mom if you can call someone on the phone
  • play the organ with headphones
  • ask Mom to make some Goo-Bleck
  • make a race car track with tape
  • ask Mom if you can play Popcorn Games
  • put a puzzle together
  • draw a picture and cut it into a puzzle and put it together
  • do an act of service for someone
  • make a river out of tinfoil in the backyard
  • ask Mom if you can make handprint art
  • ask Mom if you can play with finger-paint
  • make a balloon-powered LEGO car with Dad
  • build a blanket fort/tent in your room
  • make a LEGO marble maze
  • ask Dad if he can help you build a cardboard box maze
  • make a house/castle/building out of a cereal box
  • ask Mom if you can make a cardboard box craft
  • ask Mom if you can make a fan-duvet bubble-tent
  • ask Mom to make Cloud Dough
  • ask Mom if you can make thumbprint art
  • make a hovercraft
  • make and play with a homemade sprinkler
  • ask Mom if you can play with paint-in-a-bag
  • learn a phrase in a different language
  • make a solar system mobile
  • learn the names of the bones of your skeleton
  • learn the names of your guts and innards
  • learn how to tell time
  • practice riding a bike
  • read a scripture story
  • draw a scripture story
  • learn how to make a meal
  • practice using measuring cups and cooking tools
  • draw on the dry-erase board
  • make tinfoil sculptures
  • record yourself singing a song
  • ask Dad to make a video with you
  • learn how to make a smoothie
  • make a LEGO video
  • make a story with photos for pictures
  • record yourself telling a story
  • ask Mom if you can play with a microphone
  • learn to crochet (at least make a chain stitch)
  • write in your journal
  • memorize a poem
  • memorize a scripture
  • find special rocks and draw faces on them
  • design and make a mobile
  • make a mailbox for family notes
  • make a paper aquarium box/mobile/wall
  • ask Dad if you can launch a bottle-rocket
  • use a lamp to make shadow puppets
  • make a string spider web and paper spider/bugs

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adorable Kindergarten Studies

We are ALL so glad that school is over. I have really delighted in looking through the drawings Ender has brought home all year. I have a HUGE stack saved for scanning and filing! But here's a wonderful bundle of "journals" he gave me today--his last day! They are in the random order my computer decided for them and not by date. I've included captions of what he wrote purely for convenience, not to replace his adorable spelling (I'm trying not to be annoyed that his teacher corrected is her job...but he's so cute).

Facts About Easter Eggs...Easter eggs are not laid eggs.

I love Winter because I get to build a snowman named Budder!

I like all the seasons because they are beautiful!

I like cats because they wash themselves.

I like pie so much! But my mom doesn't make it so much.

Emperor Penguins can't build igloos. They eat silver fish and krill or squid.

Pumpkins need water and sun to grow, to grow so much.

Spiders...When I see a spider I scream. I tell my mom. Then I trap the spider. (The next part is vaguely erased for some reason): Then my mom puts it in a jar.

(It's true...have I never shared the adventures of when we trapped and studied spiders? It was intensely creepy and surprisingly educational).