Friday, July 10, 2009

P.S. to Marathon

I still do it! Tuesdays and Thursdays. In my last run, it only took me 25 minutes, and I jogged almost the entire way home without stops! It was the weirdest little game; I'd say "let's stop at this curb, Qait. That's a good point." Then I reply to myself "but I ought to just cross the street so I won't have to wait for any cars--and they won't wait for me, wondering what I'll do." So I'd cross. And then Qait2 would point out another really good stopping point and Qait1 would laugh an evil cackly laugh and pass it. Darn, missed that last one, so I guess we have to keep going!
I feel particularly proud of myself for that last mp3 was too dead to even bring with me. (A few runs ago, I'd brought it and it eeked out its best effort on the dying battery. I could totally relate).
Tuesday's run will be accompanied by a fresh battery! Both the mp3 and me! :D
I've also been exercising Mon-Wed-Fri. Not running, no. Easier, more pleasurable exercising. Like Pilates and Yoga and stretching and bodytoning stuff.
Yay for me! These habits are positively affecting the rest of my life. That's what they're supposed to do, anyway.


  1. YAY!! Oh, I wish you lived by me so we could exercise together.

  2. sweet! it sounds like you're motivated. keep up the good work.


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