Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello, Home!

Remember when I said we were moving somewhere hot? I was so ready to spill the beans, but we hadn't really announced it to anyone yet. But now pretty much everyone knows! Arizona. It's definitely hot. And you know, I don't mind.
How could I mind? We are so blessed-- this is a sweet little neighborhood, quiet and safe. The houses have been described by a couple people as birdhouses or dollhouses, which is quite true! They're cute and unimposing. Perhaps small, but with vaulted ceilings it feels very spacious.
It's not quite real for me yet...this is my house now? Really? :)
We move in this weekend. Things have been crazy all summer, but in the midst of certain stressful craziness there has been exciting, good craziness. This is one of those times. I LOVE moving into a new place, and I'm especially excited to move into THIS new place.
You'll be hearing from me more, but possibly not for a while yet still. I haven't really been able to pull my brain together for any blog posts, even though I so desperately wanted to share my Russian adventures (I still will!). 

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