Saturday, February 22, 2014

TARDIS Birthday Invitation

Ender loves the show Dr. Who so much, he wants a TARDIS birthday cake and a toy TARDIS...goodness, anything TARDIS just rocks his world. So for his birthday invitations, I thought it would be fun to do them TARDIS-style (what else?).

For any Dr. Who fans out there planning a party, save yourself some trouble and take advantage of these "free printables." 

Ender put a sticker on it to help it stay closed, but that's obviously optional.

For the printables, I condensed the text area so it will fit better without being cut off at all.
(This was our first one, testing the printing/alignment).

Optional black-and-white for the ink-frugal! 
I prefer this for Ender so he can color and take part in making the invitations.

Here's the inside; I took out our personal info, but it's a simple fill-in.
Party stuff first (theme or just "come enjoy cake and ice cream").
Day of Week, Date.
Time of party.
Address of party.
Phone number for RSVP.

If I could sit by you and show you what I do to configure the right printing setup, I could show you exactly how I lined things up. So, I can tell you what I did, but if it's not helpful, I have to simply wish you good luck!

For the printing, I used the good old program Paint. It is really simple for the print setup. When you right-click and save these images, they should all be the same size. When you open them in Paint, set up the page so that it will print centered as Portrait (and print). Replace the paper in the right position to print the "inside image" on the reverse side of the paper. When we printed ours, the outline of the inside image was slightly outside of the edge of the TARDIS image, but everything lined up and fit perfectly after cutting. Cut on the lines of the square around the TARDIS image. Fold on the lines so the doors close together to complete a picture of the TARDIS. 



  1. Qait you are so creative! Ender's party sounds so fun!

  2. Thank you so much for posting these invitations! My son LOVES them and they printed really well, so easy too :)

  3. Found this page through a google search for tardis templates to make an invite for my son's 10th birthday. Its funny considering my son's name is Ender too!!!!

    1. No way! That's awesome! I hope the birthday party went well. :)

  4. Yeah, well it's kind of sad when you're a kid and your parents threaten not to let you have a party. They should be planning it for you! Not making you plan it and after all that work threaten not to let you have it! :(


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