Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tooth Fairy Fun

Ender lost his first tooth last night! He'd been telling us about a supposed loose tooth for nearly a month, and I'd even begun to wonder if it was just wishful thinking on his part. We asked him how it happened, and he said,
"I was eating my burrito, and then I felt something hard! And I looked, and it was my tooth!

Michael and I wanted to do something a little bit more than just tuck some coins under his pillow, but we knew we weren't going to get super crazy fancy with anything (we're not the sort to invest much in tooth fairies or Santa beyond simply having fun).

Michael wrote a note, which he tucked under Ender's pillow...

"Dear Ender, Thank you for the tooth! Baby Teeth are very important to me. Please send more when you get the chance."
On the back, we drew instructions for finding a Paper Tooth that would have his money in it.

I like how the quarters look kind of like a filling. :)
Please excuse the's the kind that has to be washed away (that, and there isn't really a finish on the surface, so it does look a lot like that even clean). This bookshelf has been up high on a dresser until just a couple days ago. :/ Gross, but whatever! Moving on!

It was kind of tricky, but not super hard...I do wish I'd had fancier paper. A gold tooth would have been really cool! Of course, the professional's final product looks much better. Her instructions were really clear, though.

So this morning, Ender was super excited to tell us all about it. He held up the quarters and boy-squealed. He said,
"When I woke up, I looked under my red pillow, and it wasn't there, and I looked under my blue pillow, and there was a note! And it said there was a paper tooth, and it was REALLY easy to find. I looked on the shelf, and it was there."

Cute little gap!

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  1. What a lucky boy! Ender- I love your smile- and you look more grown up now that you are missing a tooth!
    What a clever tooth fairy! Love, Grandma Wahlquist


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