Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adorable Kindergarten Studies

We are ALL so glad that school is over. I have really delighted in looking through the drawings Ender has brought home all year. I have a HUGE stack saved for scanning and filing! But here's a wonderful bundle of "journals" he gave me today--his last day! They are in the random order my computer decided for them and not by date. I've included captions of what he wrote purely for convenience, not to replace his adorable spelling (I'm trying not to be annoyed that his teacher corrected is her job...but he's so cute).

Facts About Easter Eggs...Easter eggs are not laid eggs.

I love Winter because I get to build a snowman named Budder!

I like all the seasons because they are beautiful!

I like cats because they wash themselves.

I like pie so much! But my mom doesn't make it so much.

Emperor Penguins can't build igloos. They eat silver fish and krill or squid.

Pumpkins need water and sun to grow, to grow so much.

Spiders...When I see a spider I scream. I tell my mom. Then I trap the spider. (The next part is vaguely erased for some reason): Then my mom puts it in a jar.

(It's true...have I never shared the adventures of when we trapped and studied spiders? It was intensely creepy and surprisingly educational).


  1. Thanks for posting this! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved how he spelled beautiful because that is how I say it. BEEOOTUFIL!!

  2. How
    precious are these moments that you have captured. What a great idea, and the blog name is priceless! LOVE IT!!!

  3. HAHAHA! Now the question does his teacher know what he's saying? It's got to be a super power.

  4. BTW, I think this is a adorable. Great pictures, great insights into the world of a little kid. :)


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