Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Blues Go Green, Too?

You remember how everyone gives you gifts when your baby is born? Loads of everything you'll ever need...
We're at the point where those bushels and busloads of diapers and wipes are running out! It feels sort of weird that we'll be buying those things! Reality hits...the money that comes in is already pledged.


  1. Yeah. The boys go through shoes insanely fast. Around every three months, it seems like I'm plunking down dollars to get their little feet outfitted. And They need haircuts every six weeks!! And Phill, too--so it adds up to about $40.00 every six weeks just for haircuts, and then about $60.00 for shoes every three months.

  2. ya, it's nice to have 2 girls so close. Lily's already had everything that Izzy needs, so we just pass down now. Unfortunately, diapers can't be passed down. So expensive!

  3. I hope you have your blog set to get your comments by email - otherwise our plan to bombard you with requests for my posts might backfire. :)

    SO....what can Ender do now? Do you have pictures????

    Have you made anymore beautimous cakes? The one I saw earlier made my mouth water. Didn't you say the cake was from scratch??

  4. Yes, from scratch--yellow cake and butter frosting. It was SO filling! One thin slice is like a whole cake of the box stuff!
    I haven't yet made more, but I'm stocked up on supplies (so anytime now!).


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