Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Can't Stop Multitasking!

I'm eating lunch while writing a post while searching for an address while instant messaging while...

I can't stop! I wonder sometimes if it would drive people crazy if they actually saw inside my brain! "I need to get Ender he's awake I've got to practice oh plus the dishes are dirty but the dishwasher is ready to be emptied my living room's a mess I forgot to water the plants again I really have to practice I keep forgetting to eat my lunch!" *phewf.*

Oh my.

Sisters, I blog mainly for your enjoyment...I'm working on it. And next time it won't have been six months since I posted this!


  1. You're darn tootin! It better not be 6 months till the next post. :o) I saw your instant message but you're off now. You don't have to invite us to your blog unless you make it private. In which case - Go to Settings - Permissions - and then just add readers' emails.

    I multi-task ALL the time. It's to the point where I can't even sit down and do just ONE thing...Time to slow down I think.

  2. I sometimes have my own crazy multi-tasking issues--which then cause me to run around like (as the gross saying goes) a chicken with its head cut off. (Ew. Messy!) :) Don't wait six months to post again!!! Post about anything. Even Ender's last diaper, if you must. Hahahah....

  3. I've gotten to where I can't just sit to eat lunch. I have to be reading, too. And if I've already studied my scriptures during breakfast, I have a really hard time making myself sit!
    I like to eat while reading blogs now. :D


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