Friday, May 1, 2009

Return of the Qait-I

I feel like I disappeared from the blogosphere! It was sad! And I have mountains of stories stuffed in my sleeves; I wrote blog entries in my mind while I washed dishes, moved furniture, dealt with maniacal managing duties, and suffered two-second bouts of crying.
Michael went on a jazz tour for two weeks (during our anniversary, too). He left the day after we moved into this apartment and the day before the family left for their week-long vacation.
Me... stranded...
Oh, just kidding. I felt like a champion for getting through it all. And still humbled because my mother and my sister Rae do this all the time!
Bluhhhh. It's done! Life is getting a little more put together, and so am I! Eventually you'll see that hitting my blog. Yay!


  1. Q, I'm so proud of you for making it through those two weeks with panache! (Not to mention intact sanity.) I'm excited to "hear" you again.

  2. i went away for a bit, but I too am back no longer private so come on in. Congrats on making in through and feeling a sense of success!! WOOHOO


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