Monday, March 30, 2009

The Big Friendly Giant

Do you ever imagine you're being spied on?
Sometimes it makes me be a better person.
Sometimes it just encourages the sparks of a budding temper (someone saying "yeah, I'd be so annoyed, too" just doesn't help).
Yesterday I imagined Roald Dahl's BFG somewhere out there hearing our pleasant conversation from miles away. I imagined him telling little Sophie that the Wahlquists really love each other. He knows because he's heard their kind words--in fact, he'd say, at this very moment the wife is gladly ironing her husband's shirt as dinner cooks. The husband is helping with the baby, who keeps getting into things (naturally).
I didn't like the idea of the BFG hearing me get cranky with Ender.
And even though this is all very silly, it helped me decide to be spied on in a good way and "inspire the listener" instead of letting the listener inspire me.

Do you all think I'm crazy now?


  1. No; not at all! I use that "method" sometimes, too, actually, when I'm finding it extra hard to be kind.

  2. OMG Qait u r lyke totally crazzy gurl n its not cute...
    hahah! no you're adorable. whatever helps!

  3. Nope! I do this all. The. Time.

    We can be crazy together. It'd be fun. Cuz I lahk yooo.

  4. I heart Qait...and everything she always makes me smile...


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