Monday, February 8, 2010


During church yesterday, I glanced at some notes Michael was writing and realized he was jotting down baby names (some were really funny, but most were serious).
That is so romantic.

"I'm being attacked by red fuzzies. Are they your minions?"
Also in this doodle: a choir singing "Gloria!" and cavemen building a fire.
WHOA! Correction (Think of Rafiki's voice). That's not cavemen! It's a NATIVITY SCENE! *gasp* how could I confuse the two?

I tried finding the program he wrote on, no luck. But rifling through his scriptures did bring up this doodle! It's from a couple months ago, I think. And guess what else I found? Another program with baby names, just a handful scribbled in the corner. (:

I wish I could remember all of them! He covered the entire program in his scripture-pencil cryptic handwriting.

Maximillion (which spawned Bobillion, Trixitrillion and Qaitiquadrilliana)
[Something] Vaughn/Von Wahlquist
Nicole Tesla
Michael Faith (HAH! Our middle names combined. Not such a good idea!)

NEW! Updated with names from the recovered church program, courtesy of Michael! Oh, and he says it's not a program, it's the back of one of his talks.

Nicole Dimas ( do get it?)
Hukona (that's actually Russian letters of another name)

I made up a funny one when I was about 14---still makes me laugh! Say it with a nerdily intellectual voice...

Austuvious Galnutt Wourmberg Derdills XVII


  1. Saying that out loud made me laugh out loud. And the doodle with the Furbee provoked my ugly-laugh out of hiding.

  2. what, there's a furby in the doodle? where?
    michael's too funny! are you PREGNANT or was he just putting baby names for fun? you can tell me :D
    anyways, i LOVE that name you made up at 14! i'm so glad you posted it cause i had forgotten how the whole thing went.

  3. And please tell me you remember Bartholomew Fitzwilliam Rutherford the Seventy-seventh! Granted, he was intended to be a frog, not a son, but still. :)

  4. Aww, that's so sweet!! I like the name "Austuvious Galnutt Wourmberg Derdills XVII" I am considering pinching it for my first born!

    Here are some others for you to consider: (combos of your first name and Michael's)

    Itchae (kinda like itchy!!)

    Just some that I thought of .. they sound kinda Arabic or Elvish!!! Miss you sweetie pea. Oooh and I totally may be hitting the Burg at the end of March/ start of April time! x x


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