Sunday, February 21, 2010


This will be fun. For some reason, I've been thinking about zits (couldn't possibly be because I actually have some, of course).

Did you know...?

  • If you have zits along your hairline, you might want to change your shampoo. Try to find something that is sodium free (look for ammonium sulfate instead of sodium sulfate). It's kind of hard, but I can recommend Aussie's cleansing shampoo at least. Shampoo and conditioner can also be the cause of zits on your back; wash your hair first in the shower, and wash your body after you've rinsed all the conditioner out.
  • If you have zits around your mouth, it's hormones. Even if you're not on your period! Check the milk and meat you buy and make sure they don't have added hormones. Most milk doesn't (I think the Maid O' Clover is supposed to be best???), but keep an eye out for the meats.
  • If you have zits on the sides of your face, it could be your pillowcase. It's not too hard to get in the habit of changing a pillowcase every day. Be sure to use a fresh washcloth every time you wash your face, and clean your makeup applicators at least once a week (when I'm super good, I clean them every day). Remember to wash thoroughly around your face, too, as in down your neck and to your ears.
  • If you have zits on your chest, consider your laundry--do you wear a fresh bra every day? Do you spray perfume on your neck and decolletage? Last, is your jewelry clean? I know, that might seem gross...but you'd be unpleasantly surprised...
  • Before you try to pop that irresistable zit, try a hot or cold compress. You can place an icecube or very hot, wet cloth on the tip. Keep it there at least 2 1/2 minutes. The swelling should be noticeably down, and the zit will likely dry up by the next day. The intense temperature kills the bacteria.
  • If you MUST pop that zit, use as little pressure as possible. This will sound really extreme or disgusting, but it works: sterilize something like a needle (even a safety pin tip will work), and gently prod the thinnest point of the skin over the zit. After each prodding, gently coax the pus to see if you've punctured the skin layer. Clean it out as gently and carefully as you can, and clean the area (and the pin) when you are finished. The reason this is better than squeezing: squeezing not only pushes the pus upward but inward as well. This means you are forcing the bacteria deeper into your skin, elevating the seriousness of your acne (and prolonging the life of the zit). It could take a really, really long time to get it all cleared out. The pin is also better than scratching, because scratching spreads the bacteria and damages your skin. You might think poking a pin in your skin is worse than popping a zit, but the popping creates a jagged rupture that will take longer to heal. :( Sorry.
Well, sorry if I grossed you out! But at least you'll have some better control over your acne! Yay! Show it who's boss!

I have more tips of zit coverage, too, for a later time. When you know how to accurately cover a zit, it's less threatening--and you'll find it's easier to avoid popping it.

Love you all! Forgive me for my grossness!


  1. I LOVE your "grossness"--it's USEFUL!

  2. Very interesting! I didn't know that about hormones and your mouth. I used to have some back and chest problems, and I tried tons of stuff, but nothing seemed to be strong enough. Then I tried my sister's Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (the orange kind for your face) and it worked like a charm. I can't use it on my face because it dries me out, but it works better on my back and chest than any of their stuff specifically for your body.

  3. Wow- that's really interesting! I didn't know a lot of that! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  4. I am impressed at your zit wisdom!! Around my mouth is where I get most of mine when I am on my period. I don't know how I didn't connect the dots there!! That makes sense. You think *YOU* are gross?! I get a sadistic pleasure out of picking them! ICK ICK!

  5. Qait, I loved all that. I guess it's gross, but it's so useful, who cares?!

    And I always look at your blog in reader so I didn't know you have a NEW HEADER!!! I just saw it today and I love it!! The art supplies, the book, your harp, the dishes, your BABY, the LAUNDRY in the crow's nest, which I noticed last and laughed so hard over!! Genius.


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