Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ender's 2nd Birthday!

Ender loves play-dough. He wants it at least three times a day. He calls it day-o.

Want to see his awesome Carousel Cake? Go here!

Everyone's been saying they can't believe my son's two! Well, I can. But I admit it's starting to dawn on me just what that means. I'm not even talking about Terrible Twos. Which, yeah, he gets cranky sometimes, but who cares? I do, too!

Ender is tall. And he talks a ton. And he's funny--his sense of humor is already quite apparent. He really is kind of growing up. I don't feel like I've missed it, that I've missed the time it took to get to this point; I know I've been a pretty good mommy, and I feel like I've been "present" for his babyhood. But it is sad that he's not so much a baby anymore.

I think he must somehow understand my feelings, because for the last few days,
he's let me hold him more.
He hugs me back, and while I cradle him, he rests his head on my chest.
He lets me sing lots of songs to him (the more the better).
He lets me drape a blanket around him when I rock him...
(he lets me rock him).
He lets me read the whole story to him, turning the pages only when we're ready.

I've always known Ender loves me, but he's such a little fireball that cuddling isn't usually on his agenda. But I've really needed it lately because my little baby's not that little anymore. So it's been nice. Very nice.

Ender got some tractors...which he LOVES...(and I could have done a Tractor Cake, but it just didn't look as fun to that naughty? I figured he wouldn't know the difference, and he does love animals! I'm such a girl: "Tractors? Blah").
He also got a little collection of safari animals (loves them),
clothes (loves the triceratops on the shirt and calls it a rhino),
work gloves (he loves gloves, and they're like grandpa's),
and a Corduroy book (A Pocket For Corduroy) and Corduroy bear. He gasped with delight at the book and gave the bear several kisses.
Sorry he's not smiling very much in these pictures. He was cranky on his birthday! :)
But he did smile here and there, so we know he loved his presents.

When I put him down for his nap today, he said "Pocket! Where's Pocket?"
That's Corduroy's new name. :)


  1. For the record, my kids 'terrible twos' were actually from 18 months to 30 months. 1 1/2 to 2 1/2. I think one is harder than two. So I wouldn't worry too much. He is so darling! I love that he calls Corduroy 'Pocket'!

  2. I love these photos. He definitely IS growing! What a beautiful boy. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful....beautiful boy. :)


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