Thursday, April 15, 2010


Wow... :D It feels so good.
Yes, we miss the family.
But we don't miss living in the same house with them. Not really.

This move is obviously the reason I've not blogged a lot lately (I've missed it, that's why it matters), and it's also the reason I probably still won't for a while.

But for now:

we have a bunny by our door

I have a washer and dryer (mine! Gifts! Free! WOW!)

I have a dishwasher. I don't even care that it's noisy and doesn't exactly dry things.

I have my own kitchen--and it's spacious!

It's all so cute! And mine! I feel so blessed!

Oh yes, and I already have a harp student. That's SO exciting. It was sad to leave my others behind.

Another exciting thing is that I can sort of change my New Year's Resolutions... ;) heh heh heh...


  1. Yay! Congratulations! I can only imagine how good it feels to have your own place. (Really, I can only imagine. Hopefully I'll know soon. ;)

  2. YAY! I know how awesome it feels to have a home that is YOURS. Congratulations and I hope all goes well...I am sure it will

  3. That last thing there has me wondering....:)

    I'm SO happy for you guys! We can't wait to visit.

  4. Yay for you guys! We miss you but we are so happy for you guys! Audrey especially misses Ender... she asks about him almost every day!


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