Friday, April 23, 2010

How About an Energy Drive?

Have you heard the Beatles' song "I'm So Tired"? It's perfect. It sounds tired. It makes you feel tired(er).

I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink
I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink
I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink?
No, no, no...

And it finishes with some mumbling. I know that feeling!
Yesterday, I gave blood. I love to give blood! I have O+, which can be donated to all positive bloods (yay), and it's healthy blood. And needles and blood don't bother me at all. So I figure I'm needed whenever there's a blood drive.
The funny thing is, it kind of takes my umph away--I've always been like that. My mom and I would go together, and she'd feel absolutely fine during and after. I feel fine during, but I'm lightheaded and tired and sore for some days after. I'm not especially little, just kind of, and that might have something to do with it.

Did you know? I was curious, so I asked some questions: positive can receive negative, but negative can't receive positive. And "A" and "B" are proteins. Protein blood can receive non-protein, but non-protein can't take protein. If you're AB, you can take either A or B (or both, obviously). So for example, with my O+ blood, I can donate to A+, B+, O+, AB+. O- is the universal donor, and AB+ is the universal recipient. My grandpa has AB+ (I will always remember that because my mom told me a story of how he got a little tattoo of his blood type for safety reasons in the Navy, and she would always remember it).

I'M SO TIRED! And I was so tired while I slept that I dreamed I was sleeping. Yeah.
In my dream, I was at church with my family in an old ward (it didn't feel like it was in Georgia, dream-sensely speaking, but the ward had all the familiar Samoan families like that one). I was excited to see everyone, but I couldn't hold myself up. I slumped over onto Maddie's lap and just stayed there. I heard people come up and introduce themselves, comment on my sleepiness, welcome us back...but I couldn't even open my eyes. I slept through my own dream!
When I "woke" up in the dream, it had been days, apparently. There was a dance talent show going on in the cultural hall, and people were asking my parents if they needed help moving my harp. I guess they needed help because I wasn't awake to move it myself! I was too sleepy to get involved. The dance show continued (hosted by my Mary Kay director in an uncharacteristically sloppy outfit). I decided I was too sleepy to dance, too. So the dream got bored of me and changed.
Suddenly, I was at tryouts for the olympics (Was my brain trying to send me a message or something?)! I was very excited to compete. I got up on some double bars and was ready to impress everyone with my fantastic skills...but while I tried to flip around and do cool stuff, I was just too tired to make things happen.
So I went to where everyone was camping and plopped down in my tent. Forget olympics. I was going back to sleep.


  1. I don't know that I've ever dreamed about sleeping. That's hilarious! I did dreamed about being in the Olympics the other day, though! I was in the ski jump. I skied down the hill, up the ramp, and some 30 feet into the air, half way through a flip, before I remembered that I am absolutely petrified of heights. I freaked. It was awful. :)

  2. HAHHAHAH!!! Q, that is hilarious! And really weird. :)

  3. That's so funny! Good for you on donating blood- I used to love doing that until I got pregnant with Audrey... and ever since needles have made me queasy. And I just saw Tammy in Albertson's today too!

  4. hahaha!! Man!! We should find a sleepy pic for you!! Sleeping through your dream... When I get REALLY worn down I remember how I felt when I had mono! And sleeping in my own dream was about right!! All I did was sleep which is crazy cuz the day I went to the doc I had a swim-a-thon!!! CRAZY!! Im O+ too!! :) Maybe try taking vitC...


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