Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Story Telling

Ender turned off the TV in the middle of his Charlie and Lola movie.
So it was over!
When I tried explaining this to him, saying "Well, you pushed the button, so it's done!" he said:

"Nooo... I dinnit. Babybugs push button."

I don't think so, Ender. But you make me laugh.


  1. HAHAHAHHA!!! ENDER! He sounds so deliciously sneaky. I can't wait to see him.

  2. Ah! He's adorable. And I simply LOVE your drawing! Hilarious. And, since the grammar freak in me wouldn't permit a misspelling in one of my posts, I had to redo this one. Apologies for the deleted post. It basically said the same thing.

  3. I just realized...because I swear Rae only told me for the first time like a few days ago although she disagrees...and since I have MAJOR pregnant brain I'm not questioning her, that you live in OREM now! What the heck! You HAVE to come visit me soon.


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