Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Meme: Picture This

I'm finally getting around to continuing the meme! Rae tagged me...and here's how it goes.

Here are the instructions:
1. Go to my Pictures.
2. Open the first folder.
3. Post the tenth picture and tell about it.
4. Tag 4 people.

I had to alter the rules just the tiniest bit, because my first folder didn't even have ten pictures...I like to be very organized about how my photos are stored in the computer. And if I open it from the computer's file, everything's in alphabetical order (but from Blogger's image uploader, it's not). So here is the picture we end up with:

The Story

Do you see the jagged layer of hair in the mirror? That's a bad haircut.
Actually, it's an adorable haircut...

...that's growing out very, very badly. It drove me nuts. I hated doing my hair, so most days, I looked pretty gross. :D
That first picture (le meme de la subjet) is me on the way to get my hair fixed (by my wonderful hairdresser/visiting teacher, Rachel--who was so very patient with my strange tresses).
Almost every time I wear a dress or skirt, Michael wants to take a picture of me. It's very flattering. It makes me like dressing up (and I like dressing up for haircuts...and shopping...and really, I just love dresses--which is not how I've always been, no way).

The Happily Ever After is that I'm happy with my hair and have vowed (once again) to not cut it short because I'm simply not a short-hair-person. My hair grows so fast anyway that to really keep it short and cute would mean a LOT of haircuts.
Sometimes when it's hard to fall asleep, I think wistfully of having long hair again...perhaps this summer it will qualify as "long" again...(and in the meantime, I really have fun styling my hair).



  1. I really love your hair in the second picture. That is darling with your pretty face! Congrats on the move to Provo. We *loved* having a family at BYU. There were so many people in the same situation and we made some great friends. I'm sure it will turn out to be an amazing experience for you both!

  2. I think you look gorgeous with short hair! (Long hair, too--pretty much all the time, for that matter...)

  3. I'm tagged! Hooray! I'll do this when I'm at home and have access to my pictures. At the moment, I'm on a work computer, which (hopefully!) does NOT have pictures of me anywhere on it.

    I love your hair, darling. Did I tell you I'm contemplating cutting mine? The idea popped into my head yesterday and I'm going to let it simmer for a few more days to see if I really want to.


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