Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year! 2012

I've tried to simplify each year, and I think I'm getting better! :) It's hard sometimes. There are so many ways I could improve. This is more of a fun angle on resolutions for me.

Resolutions 2012:

  • Continue creating something every month! This time, I'll aim for art-y (like doodles, et cetera!) rather than something that just fulfills my artistic desires (like moving furniture...).

  • MORE baking and cooking. Period.

  • Learn more hair styles.

  • Practice more often, aiming to learn new harp songs. Try to find more harp students.

  • Do an anonymous service every month. For anyone, especially including Michael. For my kids only if it's a big deal, unusual compared to what I do for them all the time.

This was an anonymous note to Michael from highschool. I'm using it to emphasize ANONYMOUS.
  • Read more. Yeah, I'm serious! :) That could seem easy, but I know the truth...

  • Prepare to run a marathon. For me, this means really regular exercise at the beginning of the year, and then around springtime I'll start more focused training. I'm aiming for the October St. George marathon. If I don't make it for that, I will at least run my own private marathon before the year is over.


  1. Awesome goals--I especially love that last one! :) Oh, and I have the book Things Not Seen.

  2. Hey I have a website you should go to to try hairstyles here it is... enjoy


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