Tuesday, January 10, 2012

O, Christmas Letter, We Ever Forget Thee...

I love reading family Christmas letters! Oh, and individual-letters like what Lynnae did. I'm impressed! I've NEVER done a Christmas letter!
I imagine it will happen someday. Probably before I know it. Someone will say "Hey, I loved your Christmas letter!" And I go, OH! It finally happened!
Nahh....hahaha, that must be the crummy joke of the day. I'm foggy-brained today both from sleepiness and EXCITEMENT (wonderful Jenn is bringing my Blendtec blender today!!!! EEEEEE!!!!)


Back to the topic: our Christmas letter this year is not really something I care about. I mean, I'd rather say "Merry Christmas! Follow my blog or email me or whatever. Love, Q."

At the same time, I love the tradition of New Year's Resolutions (having it as part of my birthday probably helps a ton). It's just funny to me what things I resist.

I resist (for no particular reason):

  • free-style cooking/baking (I LOVE to measure everything out, it's like...fun)
  • Christmas Letter writing (bah humbug)
  • starting an Etsy shop (it's a good idea...)
  • Weekly schedule program additions. As in, stuff I "should" do every week with my kids. I take Ender to the Bean Museum to see the live animals (we don't care about the story time part, it's all about the animals) pretty much every week, and we go to the library just about weekly, too. And I feel like a darn good mom for doing just that. Join a playground group? No. Enroll him in some kid activity thing? Ugh. It's probably safe to say I won't be a ...what are they called? Those moms who are more involved in their kids' schools than the kids are? 
  • Things with deadlines. 
That's it for now! :)

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  1. HAHAHA I avoid doing anything that I will have to keep up with just in case I will for whatever reason not be able to...


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