Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Creation

I just might do lots of "creations" this month! I'm in project-mode more than usual, and I've got a big list of things I want to do!

So...I saw this on Pinterest. Yes, really. And I made it the same day. Yes, really.'s not perfect, not so pristine like the original picture (that's no surprise), but I did it without spending a cent, and it was fun, and it is cute. :) I wouldn't even mind doing another sometime...and I would do much better. I took some shortcuts this time, and they ended up being really dumb shortcuts that weren't worth it. I'll talk about that later.
The Travel Dollhouse

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Pond and picnic blanket

The bed is a plastic Gerber baby food container 
(and those containers helped me create forms for the chair and piano as well)

Ender's drawing of the house. 

Scarlett has been carrying the little felt bunny I made (a year ago?) everywhere she goes. She keeps an eye on it while she eats, she sleeps with it, she takes it all over the house. :) It's very sweet. And now it shares the cottage with Ender's lizard. The little dollhouse is really meant for Scarlett, but she and Ender have joint ownership for now to prevent jealousy and tantrums. :|

If you want to make this dollhouse: 
DO sew the sides instead of using hot glue. Hot glue works, and it sure makes a sturdy house, but man, it's ugly. I cursed my laziness and went back over the glued sides and stitched the fabric closed over the "mortar." It was just ugly. 
DO measure your pieces. Because if you don't, your poor dolls will have leaky roof problems. See my wonky roof pieces? 
DO save a bit of money if you want; the original uses plastic canvas and batting, which is definitely easier to work with, but I decided to use cardboard and an old towel...both out of frugality and laziness. 
DON'T stay up until 2:30am. That's just not smart. Even if you are having way too much fun making a girly dollhouse you would have loved as a kid... :D 

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  1. My jaw dropped when I saw this... it's sooo cute! You're amazing!!


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