Friday, July 27, 2012

July Creation

Tada! A creation for Scarlett-- as I said, it's a mobile. The original idea is from this Russian woman. Her ballerinas have bigger tutus, which is nice. I would have liked to have put these ballerinas at more differing heights, but I wasn't feeling picky (for once).
 They actually twirl in the air conditioning. :) It's pretty cool.

You can see the cut of their snowflakes a little better without a flash-- 
These might look simple, but that would be a lie. This project was done in steps over the course of several days. It took a long time to cut out the detailed black silhouettes. Those were then traced onto white paper, cut again, and then the snowflakes were made...that's just tiring handwork even with good scissors. I had planned to be awesome and make the tutus out of tissue paper with three layers per ballerina, but the tissue paper looked too gray for me. After leaving them a few days (a week?) to press flat in a notebook, I finally got them out today and got the stringing stuff together. It was sort of a lazy project today, at this point. I didn't feel well today, so it was nice to concentrate on something like this, sitting down.
And this picture is dumbly taken-- it's sort of Scarlett's view of the whole thing (she likes them a lot), but it's also a glimpse of the little 3-armed contraption that makes the whole mobile possible. I had to do some tweaking with it to get it to balance right, and I felt pretty smart when I finally figured it out. :) So I guess it had to make an appearance! 
Even though you can't see the tiny details that make it work.

I love having a little daughter for stuff like this! These would be fine winter decorations anyway, but I like doing girly stuff for Scarlett. I was GOING to do my 16 miles today, but I nearly lost my oatmeal this morning and felt very gross in my stomach, so I thought better of it. I'll run tomorrow, I've been okay the rest of today. Definitely under the weather, but not very sick. I was looking forward to running, too! For once it didn't seem like a big deal besides the fact that I didn't feel well. Nothing like a barf-scare to change your mind...anyway, there you go! 

Snowflake Ballerinas!

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