Monday, October 29, 2012

October Creation

Original inspiration for Scarlett's costume here
I consider this a success! It's not nearly as fancy as the its "original," but who cares?
She looked adorable for our ward party.
Ender is making a great Batman face (not that he truly knows who Batman is...). The lovely little hands sticking out behind my head are a wreath on the door made by Ender, not a hairpiece. 

Scarlett the Jellyfish! Ender the crazy Batman!

I was a flapper.

Michael was an aviator/pilot guy. The picture doesn't do his outfit justice
(I'm so sorry...I am not so great at taking pictures).
Michael looked fantastic, you'll have to take my word for it.

This kind of sums up Ender's evening! He was hyper. I'll be honest, it was a bit of a difficult night.
But inbetween his bouts of hypercranky, he was hyperhappy.
And what else would you expect on a night that you can fill a bucket with candy and dress up cool?

Here are two pictures of the jellyfish costume. Why? Um, because one picture shows how the fabric is kind of gauzy/shimmery....and between the two, you get the true color...
Oh whatever, I think I'm the only one who cares about that!
But I'm proud of it! I think this is my first time sewing with elastic! 


  1. I honestly didn't recognize you! You look amazing. LOVE the costume.


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