Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home Taught

We were all watching a show together, and somebody in the show said the Lord's name in vain.
Ender glanced at me and said "they should have said goodness."

:) That's my boy!

I love those moments--those times when he shows me that he's been listening, and that the important things are sinking in. When I had told him a long time ago that we should say "oh my goodness" instead, he just kind of casually accepted it and moved on, and I wasn't sure if he would care or remember. I'm so glad he did.

It comforts me because sometimes, the way things are, I feel that I really can't shield my children from the world even a little bit. It's there, it's even here in our home in little ways that are practically unavoidable. What I can do is teach my kids. It's my desperate mission as their mom, because if I don't teach them, they will be at the world's mercy. Sending them to school would be utterly threatening without the comfort of knowing that our home is their foundation, on which they solidly stand.

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