Saturday, January 5, 2013

Planning Groceries by the Menu

I saw a cute little menu template somewhere, but there was absolutely no link to the source (and the picture was a photo of someone filling it in, so I couldn't just use that). So I made one.
(this is just an example of how it's used)
It's not fancy (despite my efforts), and it could probably use some adjusting and improvement. Still, it's handy. I might end up using two boxes for Sunday because I have to plan breakfast as well as dinner.
This menu template is for picking the meals you want for the week (with an extra space for non-meal recipes), and below each meal idea is space for writing which ingredients you'll need to pick up with the regular groceries.
I generally try to put my menus together with as little grocery shopping as possible, using what I have available. But this is still really helpful to me. I put things in parentheses if I was low on that ingredient or had to thaw the meat or something...kind of a lazy system. Anyway, here it is. Maybe it will be helpful for someone.

Right-click and save.

UPDATE: Pretty soon after I started using this, I realized I prefer a landscape format. So I changed it up. Here it is: 


  1. Thanks Qait! Menu planning is a "resolution" (for lack of a better word) of mine and I definitely will use your nice tool! I have wanted to make something similar for a few months but I lack the know-how to make it something asthetically pleasing as well as functional. I appreciate you!

    1. Thanks!!! I hope it's really helpful for you! It has been handy for me already. :)


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