Monday, March 25, 2013

So...I Lied

Do you all remember this? Specifically, do you remember what I said at the end? To quote myself:

Just so you know, this was my first and LAST marathon. I am not interested in doing it again. I feel no need. This not a new hobby. 

Um. Guess what.

I seriously miss running. I couldn't run outdoors this winter because the cold air always gives me a hacking cough that takes ages to ever go away (even if I just make a quick jog through a parking lot).
As the winter wore on after my September marathon, I found myself really missing the daily running. At the gym, the thing that made me really dig into the elliptical or treadmill was daydreaming about a marathon (or running in the Olympics...hahaha!).
It began slowly. First I just missed running outside. Then I missed my "little" 3-mile runs. That simple little window of time in the morning that I got away and ran...
Then I missed the schedule of training, following goals. Then I missed the achievement.
I started thinking quite seriously about how my sisters have entertained the idea of all 5 of us running a marathon together.
Oh yeah, and I miss how in shape I was.

It happened:

I miss my marathon.

And...I want to do it again.

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