Saturday, March 23, 2013

What Happened to Spring?

I have many reasons to be excited about announcing where we're moving. One of the reasons:

Yesterday morning, I put the kids in their winter coats since it was chilly. But I figured it would get warmer, and since I was headed to the gym, I didn't bother with anything more than my thin Champion-material workout jacket. I stuffed the kids into the double stroller and gave them each warm food to help the cold seem less miserable.

The wind was sharp and bitter as I shoved the stroller along. I wanted to run with it, but that would make the wind cut even worse, and the front stroller wheels go berserk if I try anything fancy. I really thought the weather would just get warmer like it did the last several days.

As it turned out, I noticed a few snowflakes falling when I left the gym to pick up the kids. And it was horribly cold. I hoped it was some odd fluke that would be over in minutes. It was all making me flashback to the time the kids and I were stuck in the rain, and even though we were prepared with a couple umbrellas, the wind drove the rain all over us and soaked my poor kids to the bone. I felt like an awful mother that day, especially when the kids got colds from it and were sick for nearly a week.

The snow did not go away; when Ender saw the blizzard forming outside, he said with horror and dismay "what happened to spring?!?!" We were stuck with tunneling home through a furious flurry of fat snowflakes and wind that made the kids cry. I even whined to myself, pouting and complaining all the way to our front door.

Finally home, I settled us with some hot cocoa. It seemed to take half the day to get warm again.

That's why I'm REALLY excited that we are moving to our top choice school.... 

Somewhere HOT. 

You KNOW it's not snowing there. Bring on the sweaty summers and palm-tree-Christmases! 

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  1. I am very jealous of this talk of sweaty summers and palm tree christmases. I do miss them very much. I am still not use to this Utah cold.


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