Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rae, you asked for it!

I'll spare you the details. I very, very, very nearly barfed. For real.

Reasons I'm Grateful For My Son's Poomongous Diaper

  1. It made me laugh. A lot!

  2. When Michael was home briefly between classes, we laughed together.

  3. I got to make sound effects and exaggerated gags (that's just way too much fun).

  4. Ender babbled and told me the story of his diaper adventure!

  5. I got to wash his carseat cover (it needed it anyway).

  6. I got to scrub the bathtub...and the toilet (they really needed it, I'm ashamed to say).

  7. Good bonding time with my funny little boy!

  8. Ender got to rummage in the basket of his clean laundry (once folded) without me hovering like an aggravated chicken since I was busy cleaning the tub and toilet. Why chicken? It just fits.

  9. I got to feel like a "Yummy Mummy," as the English call it, since I already had my makeup done--I think it's hot to be a housewife happily doing hard work and looking quite above the task.

  10. Ender treated me with his mischievous smile as I held him in front of the mirror to see his cuteness all wrapped up in a froggy towel (his favorite part of a bath besides splashing).

  11. I have an even bigger reason to take out the trash!

  12. Ender had fun!

  13. It may have been "dirty work," but I surely felt I did the Lord's work!


  1. UGH!! That is SO gross Q!!! I almost barfed too. I'm amazed that you came up with 13 things about it to be grateful for. :) Even more amazed that they actually fit and aren't just silly. :-D

  2. That was DISGUSTING!! But your list makes me really happy. I agree that it's "a housewife happily doing hard work and looking quite above the task."!! It also makes the day feel so much better. It's a big reason why I STILL put on makeup each day when Phill is gone for weeks at a time. Makes everything seem more conquerable.

    And yes--although the work of motherhood can be...eugh...stinky? at times, it's most CERTAINLY the Lord's work! :)

  3. at the sunny sunny beach where the sun comes out... HAHAHA

  4. Ella is just learning to talk but she walked in just as I got to the great picture and stopped suddenly. Then, very clearly, she exclaimed....EEWWW!! YUCK!!

    I laughed.


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