Saturday, October 10, 2009


My sister Rae ran a marathon!!!
And wow, what a powerful woman she is. So much so that while I read, I knew a marathon is somewhere in my future. I looked at her beautiful victorious pictures and wondered how I'd feel at the end of a marathon.
I'm silly, so get ready: I wondered what I would do once I saw the finish line... and I decided I'd probably be about to fall over but I'd grit my teeth, a ferocious fire glowing in my give-up-less eyes, and I'd belt out a great big hurrah of a roar (or something, you know), and then I would bolt to the finish line with all the heroism of a True Marathoner. And because I'm the only one home... and Ender is asleep... I actually made the sound! And the face! It made me blush.
I also wondered about what crossing that line would feel like. Maybe I'd throw my arms up in a huge Y and yell!!! Just a yell of victory, accomplishment, the last strains of strength! And yeah, you guessed it, I actually tried it out.
It was terribly silly-sounding, but it made me laugh. Besides, I'll sound cooler when I'm actually doing the running to accompany it.
I have to visualize, don't I? :D
If I do end up looking/sounding so cool (hahhahaha!) like I've described, just be sure it's genuine. I don't think I'd be able to pretend something like that at the end of 26+ miles.
Rae, you're my hero.

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  1. Oh Q, thank you. :) I hope you'll do the marathon with me next year. I've been secretly planning on it! And yes--visualize away! I have belted out several hilariously embarrassing victory shouts during my training runs.


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