Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh, the Memories!

I want to tell a story. Because otherwise I'll drivel about how bored of sickness I've become after running a fever for nearly a week. Ugh, I'm so useless when I'm sick.

Long ago in a place called Colorado Springs, Colorado...

Rae and I were in the basement. Ah, that basement was everything a basement should be. Stuck in the 70s with its barf-orange carpet, creaky bathroom and overflow of earwigs (EW, maybe nevermind that being a "should" with basements). Even the dinosaur computer belonged.

We were playing a game, a REALLY fun game. One of those kid games that just make you laugh so hard. I can't even explain why it appealed or why it was fun, but that's how a lot of childhood games are (and I love them like that).

I would run up to the couch with all the speed I could muster, and Rae would stick up her feet like a battering ram at the last minute and thrust them at my stomach. It felt like flying backwards! And a bit like being chopped in half, but not enough to make us stop. It was just too much fun...

About, oh I don't know, a hundred kicks later...

Something churned in my stomach. Ooooh, it wasn't good. I had to tell Rae the sad news: we should be done now. But for some reason I couldn't tell her from across the room in my safe landing zone. I had to go up to her, there at the couch, at the launching station.

I believe she didn't see the wooziness in my face. I am ...mostly... sure that she was focused only on my belly, aiming her uncannily strong legs with great precision.

I got out "Rae, I don't feel so--"

And then the feet met the stomach!

And the stomach gave in to the feet!

As the poo heated my pants, I thought: "What a day to wear overalls."

And Rae laughed. She cackled. She howled!

Once I was cleaned up I think I laughed a little, too. After all, poop is just so funny to kids. For whatever reason. I couldn't imagine why...


  1. I'm wondering how your mom felt about all this. Well written and very funny. I bet you guys still play this game on occasion.

    Also, the word verification on this post is bummallf. I thought you would think that was funny and somewhat fitting to the post.

  2. QAIT! you are sooo funny! ah i love you! you just made me laugh so hard i cried a little bit...
    "as the poo heated my pants"
    aw man i love you
    that's the best story in the world
    i'm still laughing... i can't stop
    i seriously haven't laughed this hard in a looong time... thank you!

  3. Hope you are feeling better now Qait :) LOVE IT! Me and my brothers and sisters played this *exact* game :) We loooved it too. Sometimes we would trap our sibling between our legs too. Another favourite of ours was to run towards the couch and forward flip up against the wall. I had forgotten about those games until I read this. Thank you for making those sweet memories resurface. Love you lots :)


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