Saturday, November 14, 2009


I fell down the stairs today.

The bruise is more like a goose egg (is that meant only for injuries to the head? It's just as bad, anyhow).

I was trying to save the laundry--so neatly folded--instead of myself. Oops!

And of course, the funniest part to me is my reaction. Following all those thumps and bangs, the family called out "Are you okay??"

I calmly answered "Oh yeah, I'm fine." I had to save my pride...I guess...
Just got up and kept going...but that's what we do when we trip, right? It would just be so embarrassing to sit there (even laughing).

Anyway, I've been really clumsy the last few days! Yesterday I was putting away a tupperware of sweet'n'sour sauce. I swear the lid was made wrong, it just wouldn't go on. While I fumbled with it, suddenly the container leapt from my hands and the freshly boiled sauce splattered down my hip and onto my toes. My toes screamed for a second until the boiliness kind of numbed them. It was a hot, STICKY, gross mess. All over the floor, the counter and myself. Ew.

Oh yeah, and I also hit my hip on the counter (???) and dropped several dishes. Pff. Dumb. And I have a question---has anyone ever hit their hip with their elbow?! Please tell me yes... Usually it's when I'm lying on my side. My elbow just swings back and meets the hip bone *schmakk* in the point. It's painful and very annoying. Cause who does that?

The same evening, Natalie and I were doing the dishes. I noticed the dishwasher was leaking some suds, and when we opened it, we were treated to a movie moment! HUGE SUDS flowed over the bottom rack and onto the floor! We've got a picture, too. I'll have to update this with it. It's taken after we'd cleaned some, though. We just thought it was funny...Nat had put regular dishwashing soap in there instead of dishwasher stuff. :)

The floor was very clean by the end of the day!

Oh, suds reminds me! When we lived in Hinesville, Georgia, my sisters and I snuck some Bubble Bath into the hot tub. Against my papa's advise, I totally recommend it! It was so awesome! The suds got...I'll try to be accurate here...two or three feet above the water! We fluffed up handfuls in our arms and threw them everywhere (including all over the neighbor's lawn).


  1. I remember how those hot-tub suds were almost scary. :) Once Maddie put dishwasher liquid in my dishwasher, and it did the same thing. And I have clumsy weeks, too. ;) I hope your goose-egg doesn't hurt too much.

  2. Aww Clumsy Q! Hope you are okay after falling down the stairs :( :( I'm a bit of a walking accident ALL the time so I can relate to your recent trippiness.

    Oh me oh MY!! The hot tub bubbles sound magical. I love reading your childhood stories. Makes me wish we were sisters. We'd have had such fun :) x

  3. My guess is that she feels like I don't give her enough sympathy or empathy or wifepathy or something so she lets herself get injured. A sort of grown-up kiss-it-better response...? This has been mind-science with Dr. W. Tune in next week!

  4. Oh, Dr. W...
    Could you kiss me better???


  5. i remember that rae :D
    qait, the bubble bath was MY idea! but it doesn't matter. that's a good memory to me even though dad got really mad that the suds killed the grass.

  6. haha! i just now read michael's comment! :)
    oh qait... are you trying to be like bella from twilight? (puke!)
    i'm really clumsy sometimes. it can make you feel stupid. at any rate, i'm just glad you aren't hurt.


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