Thursday, December 31, 2009

Qait's Birtheve

Hey, here's a *funny* joke for you... McKayla said something about it being Christmas Eve-Eve, since it was the night before the 24th, and a friend said "No, it's Christmas Adam because Adam comes before Eve!"
We thought that was funny...and it's okay if you don't (McKayla's dad didn't get it at first).
Too bad I'm telling this joke the day after New Year's Adam... ;)

I don't think I've ever created resolutions that are so specifically tied to what will happen in the following year. I did once, kind of--I told myself I WILL GO TO BYU! But that's silly, because beyond doing my best, I had no control over being accepted there. And I went to BYU-I, so that's close enough. Whatever.

This spring, we'll hear from six more universities. We'll decide where to go.
In the summer, we'll have a family reunion.
In the fall, Michael will start school. We will have moved sometime before then.
And in the winter? Well, we'll be settling in!

I'd like to make my goals applicable to the events coming up. A few would apply anyway, but I'll alter them for 2010 ('s cool).

ME in 2010
  • FRUGALITY! Every penny saved will help so much. This year I will be disciplining myself to live without "those cute shoes" which seem bound to disappear if I don't buy them right away. What?! I didn't even used to care about shoes! What happened?! I used to wear duct-taped leopard print slippers to SCHOOL! You could call that confidence... seems more like utter carelessness to me.
  • HARP PRACTICE! Yay! I'm so excited about this! I've been fairly consistent, and now I have some set goals in my mind of when my skills will be needed. I'm planning on a deadline of learning my major pieces in 6 months. And by the end of the year, when we've moved, I'm planning to be able to advertise for gigs and lessons.
  • STRONG BODY! Yes... this is exercising and eating well. But I don't feel so uptight about it. It doesn't matter very much if I miss days here and there. My body is simply weak. And that's not good. It gets tired so easily. So I'm going to take care of it and help it be strong so that I can lift Ender out of his crib, play the harp, mooooove (AGAIN, unh!), and be confident in general.
That's the personal stuff covered. It would be easy to add to it. I don't care to, this is good for now. But! I have a few teensy things to add for the specific situation we're in now...

Living With In-Laws
  • I will not let myself feel judged. If I assume I'm being judged, I'm judging the judger, right?
  • I will continue to clean up after my micro-family.
  • I will ask for specific help in advance if I need it. (That's pretty hard).
  • I will find ways other than vocally to express my gratitude for the immense blessing all of this is! Yes, I want my own place REALLY REALLY REALLY BADLY but I will be patient. We have everything provided for us right now, nearly no expenses. That's pretty WOW. So I'll try not to forget that for even a moment.
That's the topmost of the list-y things jetting through my mind!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I always feel like the fireworks are just for me. :) What an awesome birthday.

I'll be staying up past midnight (which guarantees I'll be hyper...and mayhaps a tad gassy...but we have ever-so-forgiving friends and family). I will be loved.

hhahahha :D

And so will you!

PS: One thing that is really exciting to me about all my goals is that I've already secretly started them just to make sure they're good. :) Yay for regular harping, exercising and...well...I've done OK at saving money...Christmas kind of tipped that cow over.

2011 EDIT: Here's how it went!

Jan (A) Feb (A) Mar (B+)
Apr (B) May (A) June (A+)
Jul (A) Aug (A+) Sep (A)
Oct (A+) Nov (A+)

Yeah, the harp...


  1. Okay, first off, I wouldn't mind at all if you subscribed to/followed/read my blog. You're sweet for asking - and introducing yourself. I hate when I get comments that act as if they already know me, and I spend forever racking my brain trying to figure out how I know them!

    Second, you don't sound creepy at all. Maybe quirky, but I consider that I real compliment. I like quirky people!

    Third, you probably found me through Becky (That Girl). She's the only person we have in common, at least on your blog list.

    Fourth, if it makes you feel better, we're living at my parent's house right now. Yeah, we're cool like that. ;)

    Fifth, CHRISTMAS ADAM! My sister and I started calling December 23rd Christmas Adam way back when we were kids and I love it! So nice to know we're not alone in the world.

    Sixth, holy long comment. Sorry about that! But it's nice to meet you. :)

  2. I couldn't think of another way to answer your question, so here I am! About Sam's book ... well, he got overwhelmed at work, then we went to grad school, and he pretty much never got around to doing the edits, so we kinda dropped the ball. Oops. Big time oops. Some day, hopefully, we'll pick it up again. Best of luck to your dad! :)


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