Friday, October 1, 2010

In and Out of the Dog House

i spanked ender.
dumb reason (any reason is).
he pooped a second time in his undies.
potty training is hateable.

But guess what?
My day got better.
My husband gently comforted me...
And reminded me how much I hate spanking.
He loves me.
And Ender told me he loves me.
And I believe him.

And guess what else!
She is sweet.
And I need to organize my thoughts before I write about it, but write I will.
It was very healing to go to that after a potty-training-day.


  1. Potty-training definitely has the potential to get to the best of's quite nightmarish for me, I'll admit, which is why I'm still putting off doing it with Sav. Forgive yourself and move forward, though!

  2. I love your picture, Q! I'm glad you're out of the doghouse now. :)


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