Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ode to Potty Training

Sometimes it's hard to feel very sane while cleaning up potty messes. It was especially hard for me when poo-water would splash up in my face. That's very insulting, somehow. I once thought sarcastically, aren't I such the princess, having to dip into this disgusting mess. But because of my mother's example, I feel like I was able to prevent my attitude from getting to the very worst end of the sanity spectrum.
My mother didn't have the option of disposable diapers for most of her 7 children. And she has told us how one day, while swirling a very poopy cloth diaper in a toilet, she felt so degraded and depressed. It was just so nasty, such a low thing to find herself doing. But because my mother is sensitive to the Spirit, she learned a lesson right then. The Holy Ghost taught her that she was doing the Lord's work. And she knew it was true.
She even laughed aloud at the thought of poopy diapers being part of the Lord's work, but it's true.
Babies depend on us. They cannot take care of themselves. We learn to be like the Savior by providing that care. But there's another thing that makes it such a Christ-like thing to do: the disgustingness of it. Yep. The insulting, nasty part. That's what makes it such a sacrifice.
Caring for babies is a sacrifice, but most of it is incredibly rewarding. It's when we do something that seems so below us, so not worth our attention, and SO NOT REWARDING that we are making a real sacrifice of love.

You know, in the end, I think it IS rewarding. To prove it, I have felt driven to share some feelings of gratitude through potty training my son.

  1. My bathroom is cleaner than it has ever been (after cleaning up all the messes that made it dirtier than it had ever been).
  2. I have spent more time with Ender.
  3. Ender and I are learning to communicate better.
  4. Ender is proud of himself for his accomplishments.
  5. I have found yet another reason to be proud of him!
  6. We can say goodbye to the expense of diapers, wipes, and the occasional diaper genie refills.
  7. No more carrying that hulking diaper bag!
  8. Ender has cute underwear.
  9. The potty is faster than diapers.
  10. No more stinky diapers to gag at! HALLELUIAH!
  11. The accidents have gotten me to do the laundry I'd procrastinated. Phewf!
  12. I learned better self-control by not giving in to losing my temper.
  13. I learned that pee is not as scary as it seems...sure the smell lingers, but it IS cleanable.
  14. I'm even less afraid of getting my hands dirty and just digging in (ew, pardon the phrase) when there's poo to be dealt with. Man, if I can deal with poo like that, I'm Superwoman.
  15. I have an excuse to give Ender chocolate once in a while (before I just had to feel guilty, I guess).
  16. I take a little chocolate for myself when I feel the need. It's a very nice reward.
  17. Ender is very, very, very well-bathed. He smells good.
  18. I had a reason to keep as few things as possible in the bathroom, so now it's not as crowded as it used to be! And now I have an empty little drawers-bin-thing that can hold our winter hats and gloves when the time comes! Yay, organization and space!
  19. I've learned (or relearned) to get up immediately and help Ender as he needs me.
  20. Please don't think I'm wicked, that Ender doesn't have a diaper to muffle his toots, he's noisy. And it makes me laugh. And I like laughing,, I'm glad to hear his toots??? He laughs, too, and I really like laughing with him...oh dear...
ODE TO POTTY TRAINING! We are happy to be doing it! Ender is making such incredible progress! He is so good at holding it in, actually, that sometimes the hard thing is going at all. He hasn't wet himself for at least two days (and he did well the days before), and he is always dry for naps and bedtime. I won't go into details since I respect his privacy, but basically, my son is awesome. :) And so is potty training.

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  1. Oh, I'm definitely sensing the frustration. I'm feeling for ya, sweetheart. I'm potty training Enoch. One time he pooped straight into my hand. (At the time I thought, "better that than the floor!" I promptly changed my mind.) I just keep thinking of Seara and Elijah and trying to remind myself that the hard part ends and it was all worth it. Eventually.

    Good luck!!


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