Friday, May 13, 2011

April's Creation

I can't say I slacked off because I'm always busy. But my creations were a little less artsy in April. My qualification is that it needs to be artistically satisfying. Our bedroom was mostly a March thing, so I don't feel like counting it. In April, we bought a filing cabinet, and I sorted and shifted from room to room making lots of space and organizing all of our closets and putting things where they belong-- I can't believe what a big difference it makes to just put the papers away!
So the house got most of my attention, in organizing ways. It really was artistically satisfying. I still want something more fun to show for the month, though. :) This isn't especially exciting, and it's not even my own artwork (boooo!), but that's okay. April's work was a different sort.
Here's Ender's new potty chart (and yes, I found the image that not okay? It's a potty chart...). I meant to do this ages ago! And I meant to hand-draw it, since that sounds the most fun to me. But Ender really loves Thomas the Train...
He's got two stickers so far, and he wants more. 
I really hope this works.

This month, I'm working on a Doodle for Rae and another for her friend, Sarah. :D And maybe something else...(I'd LOVE to, we'll just have to see).


  1. Chugga poo poo! I hope it works too!

  2. That's cute. I hope Ender gets more enthusiastic about his potty training. I need to come see him again. :)

  3. Yay! AHAHHAHA....Michael's comment. :)

  4. AHhaha...Michael. :)
    At this point he's got at least 10 stickers. I hope it's his enthusiasm as well as mine!

  5. kids are so funny.
    i get a big kick out of the fact that your son loves thomas the train when you never liked him >:D
    chugga poo poo!? haha!


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