Friday, May 13, 2011

Tents and Bad Logic (thankfully unrelated)

As a very early birthday present, I bought Michael a tent. I was going to save it as a surprise...but it was too exciting! And the cool part is it was all paid for by money sent with surveys in the mail (gee, thanks)!
Last night, we dropped our schedule down a few notches by having a snack between breakfast and lunch and then having a late we had a late dinner.
It was so nice outside, we decided to play with the tent and put it up while the pork sirloins sizzled on the grill...with baked potatoes, it really felt like a campfire dinner (even though our campfire was some candles we had to bring out since it was already dark by the time we ate)!
It didn't take long to convince ourselves we should sleep in the tent, too. Ender was committed long before we said anything about it. He wanted to bring his whole bedroom out to the tent! Every toy he owns! All of his pillows and blankets!
We even completed his experience by letting him pee on a tree. Woohoo...

We finished the evening off with mini ice cream snacks, family scripture study by flashlight, and a very cozy family prayer.
It was a late bedtime for Ender, but 10:30 is a luxury for  us. It took me a long time to fall asleep (having taken a mid-day nap), but I enjoyed listening to Ender's gentle snore and Michael's even breathing. I didn't mind the uneven ground too badly, either. I woke up every time I had to turn over, which was often, but that's not far different from any night. And even though I felt wide awake every time I woke up, it was pleasant to hear birdies or enjoy our closeness and the simple excitement of being in a tent. The only time I worried was when I woke up to hear sprinklers. :| Thank goodness it was the neighbors'!

I drank a glucose drink this morning for a test, chugged it down and tried to doze off again until it was time to head out to the lab. As I settled back into my pillow and blanket, however, I realized that my planning was not so brilliant. All I had in my mind was that I should do the test as early as possible in the morning since I'm not supposed to eat before it's done. I knew the lab opened at 8am, so I took my drink the hour before. What I realized (too late) as I laid down again was that the lab is barely opening at 8am, and they may not be ready to go for me the instant I arrive. And the test should be done as closely within the hour as possible. Oops.
One other thing? I had to pee so badly. And I thought I might have to do a urine test, so I held it all in. I sat on my foot the entire drive. When I got to the lab early, I paced in front of the door as casually as I could manage for about three minutes and finally got back in the car so I could sit on my foot again. Someone finally arrived and informed me that I could go to the bathroom. Oh.

If I have to do it over, I don't mind, actually. The glucose drink is disgusting, but I don't have to suffer much if I drink it all fast. And the needles for drawing blood don't bother me. But really, if I have to do it again, I won't torture my bladder.

Why didn't my brain work? Why is my logic so warped when I'm pregnant? I don't like bad-logic days. They throw things off. Like when I'm supposed to bring Michael lunch quickly, and I think about some groceries I need for his lunch, so I do the grocery shopping first (thinking it's such a great idea) instead of making something else for his lunch. Argh. Duh, Qait, duh. Don't do that.
I don't blame it ALL on pregnancy. I have bad-logic days anyway. But when I'm pregnant, it's worse and more frequent.
And it's different from blonde days or blonde moments because I actually TRY to think logically and sort out a great plan for the order of my errands or whatever. :(

All blondeness aside, tenting was very fun. It's made the weekend feel longer, and it left us feeling cheerful and adventurous. Even breakfast still felt like a camping thing, pancakes and fried eggs. And so far, it has been a genuine experience! I have yet to shower or brush my teeth, and I'm still wearing the clothes I slept in. :D


  1. That really was so fun! Ender was really cute about it all. I'm glad he slept the whole night. Remember the fathers and sons last year? He was too nervous to sleep and was upset, sobbing at one point, "to infinity and beyond..." to comfort himself.

  2. Tenting is so much fun! I'm already counting down until my ward has a campout. By the way, Ender's hair looks super cute. It's shorter than last time I saw him, but I like it.

    I can't wait to go camping with my husband and kids someday. :)

  3. I love that you did that!! The boys are going on the father-son campout with Phill tonight and Savvy and I will enjoy some extremely girly time! (My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, painting nails and putting on embellishments, cupcakes, a "tea" party....) And I love Michael's comment! Again! hahahhah

    By the way--I have issues (often) with planning my sequence of events. And I'm very easily distracted. I'm sooooo glad that Phill is very good at planning/prioritizing and also really good at focusing....

  4. fun!!! that's so cool you do stuff like that :)
    oh and rae i just read your comment. so cute!! :D
    BWAHAHA and i just read michael's comment!! hahah


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