Friday, May 6, 2011

Poop or Chocolate?

I came to the bathroom to discover a long smudge of brown on the toilet seat cover.
I thought if Ender had made the effort for once to actually poop in the toilet but wasn't fast enough, I could forgive him. Because that would be progress in the potty training saga. 
But if it were chocolate? What was it doing on the toilet seat cover? 
On closer inspection, I discovered what had to be crushed peanuts in the brown. We had eaten some chocolate covered peanuts with Grandma, after all. 
But what if he'd just pooped some of the peanuts? 
I bent low to smell it...nothing. 

(And I did think of a certain movie where the mom actually TASTES the brown when her son won't answer her question of whether it's poop or chocolate...but no, I did not get that adventurous).

I think this has happened a number of times. Oh plus there was that one time that my toe kicked some dark little ball across the carpet, and when I investigated more closely, I discovered it was a poop pellet. Aren't animals supposed to be the ones who leave pellets?

Eventually we learned it was indeed chocolate (further evidence of a brown smeared hand towel helped solve the mystery).
I'd have taken a picture except it looked so remarkably like poop that I couldn't bring myself to risk it being mistaken for poop. 
Well, and I just never got around to it.


  1. Wow. You're brave. What movie was it, by the way? I'm pretty sure I don't remember anything like that.

  2. "Baby Mama." It's kind of stupid, in my opinion, which is why I didn't feel like naming it. :D Because then I'd feel like...I don't know, saying that I thought it was kind of stupid? :D

  3. Funny thing is, I just watched that the other night and saw the scene in question and went, "Oh! that's what she was talking about!" Heh. Funny. And you're right. It was kind of stupid.

    Savannah likes it though, becuase the one girl is just so redneck and I guess it reminds her of home. :)

  4. Ah. Typo. Because. Not becuase.


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