Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Creation

Aah! It almost got away from me! I meant to do something for Scarlett in June. I mean, something project-y. I did a lot of "nesting," so it's not like I wasn't creative, but here's what I'm counting for that month: 

I'm the primary chorister, so this will aid me in teaching July's song "I Love to See the Temple." 
I covered a box (with packing paper I saved from IKEA boxes...I love big blank paper). The steeples are made from "book board," which is super heavy duty. It's also meant for fancier projects, but I've saved it for something like five years now and done nothing else with it, so I couldn't be too sorry about using it like I'd use cardboard.

I think this Angel Moroni is very cute. :) 

  This is to show you the way it's kind of shimmery since I didn't catch it in the bigger pictures.

These are covered cards from a regular deck (regular except that they're Elvis themed, as a prank gift from Maddie! Hah! Elvis and the temple?). The numbers will be used in a game for the songs. 
I used numbers instead of actual song titles so it could be reusable with other songs or games.

Tada! :) 


  1. Now, if only I had time to copy this before morning! :) I think after 3 years I'm starting to get boring as a chorister...


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