Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blast From the Past: A Little Story

Today's delightful little Blast is not a story about me...it's a story written and drawn by me. I wish I'd written the date on the pages, because I just have to guess how old I was--probably as old as 14? The story is ridiculous. Truly. It definitely puts my quirky side on display.
For your enjoyment, all four pages of:

Lita and Steveno, Sibling Detectives
Basically, Lita and Steveno are stupid. They just are not smart. 
In case my handwriting is illegible, I've included the story text in these captions: 
Nobody asked them to be detectives; they just do it. They live on the streets, usually in public parks. They have solved every mystery--but never told the police. Instead...they let the criminals loose after finding their secrets...so they are criminals themselves. They have no idea the police are after them. And, I must add, you can tell I had big plans for these characters. Well, I wanted to write a lot of stories with them, anyway. The funny thing is, my plans died out by page 3. I knew it wasn't going anywhere! Plus, I was lazy with the drawings from the very start! But that's kind of why this story is so silly to me. 

One day, Steveno was out pretending to be busy while Lita fancied she was a mermaid who'd just found some treasure. She'd bound her legs together and was getting better at holding her breath. She knew something was wrong because nobody was telling her to get out of the park water fountain. But she enjoyed being ignored and decided she didn't care if her instincts said she was in danger.
Steveno felt the urge that his sister was in need of help! Having nothing else to do, he ran back to the park-- then remembered to be casual looking. So he pretended to be one of the lunch time joggers. He at least smelled like them.

Steveno finally got to the park and saw his sister boinging everywhere, soaking wet and bound at the feet, trying to get away from a policeman! He picked up his toothpick and climbed a tree.
When the policeman came near, Steveno pounced! And missed. But somehow, he had managed to prick the policeman's bottom with his toothpick. Lita was still boinging everywhere. She was imagining she was a frog to help lessen the stress of the frantic situation.
I never mention it in the story, but I guess when Steveno "fell" from the tree, he hit the ground in a bad faceplant. So much for his help!

Lita boinged into a tree. She and Steveno were completely vulnerable now, but the policeman wanted to go home. He didn't notice them anymore because his bottom hurt. He grabbed his hat and drove away, leaving the toothpick behind. I sure hope Steveno won't use it again, but I'm afraid that's the kind of character he is...oh, I should have read ahead. Pleasant surprise: Steveno woke up at midnight and peeled Lita off the tree. He saw his toothpick but decided he didn't want it anymore. He and Lita stayed up all night eating grass and talking about how brave they had been. 

The End

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  1. Oh my gosh! I totally, absolutely remember these! I think you'd written them just before we met, but I remember you showing them to me. :)

    I love it. Trip down memory lane.

    Also, can't wait to see you this weekend.


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