Tuesday, July 17, 2012

That's What My Brain Does While I Run

You want a glimpse into my brain? I mean, really? Cause here's a glimpse of how ridiculous I get.

This morning while I did my 7 miles, I was pounding it out fast and furiously! I imagined a marathon finish line ahead of me, and I imagined how nothing could get me to slow down or stop. And along that thought, I remembered how much I loved running on the sand in Cannon Beach, and I daydreamed about perhaps the last stretch of the marathon being on sand (not gonna happen). And then...here it comes:
What if a shark JUMPED out of the water and attacked my leg?! YEAH! And I'd punch the shark in the nose, all tough and unstoppable, and people watching (and filming, oh yeah, gotta have a camera catching all of that) would gasp, but I'd be barely aware of what I'd just done because I'd be so intent on crossing the finish line (which I would, very victoriously). I'd have fierce tiger eyes, zoomed in on that finish line.
Well, that was so fun to imagine that I elaborated. Unabashedly, I turned myself into quite the marathon hero: when a drunk driver swerved off the road he shouldn't even have been on, I just jumped up and rolled across the top of the car and kept running (hoho, now that's impressive). And even better? Running on a mountain path, there's suddenly a slight avalanche, but I leap over the first large rocks and manage to get past it all without breaking my stride.
And of course there'd be the shark incident at the end of the race, to top off my awesomeness.
That's as far as I got, but if I kept that up it would probably turn into quite the superhero adventure. When really, running is just running. On the outside, not in my brain (my ridiculous brain).

I would have laughed at myself if I weren't running so fast and hard. That felt awesome, by the way. I pushed myself and when I thought it would be so nice to slow down, I thought "Why? There's no good reason for slowing down!" and I kept at it. Fast, fast, fast. That felt pretty amazing. I think 7 miles in 50 minutes is a pretty good pace. I think I hit my second wind, because when the first while had seemed so exhausting and difficult to keep working through, suddenly I just shoved on and felt really, really good. No pain. It was hard, that's for sure. I was sweating and my breathing was a big, rhythmic POOOFing, hahaha. I felt so powerful...

The music helped--I just have to have the right songs. I listened to Muse's "Uprising" while I finished the last mile or two.

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  1. Wow. Your post made me happy! Way to go with the 50 minute/7miles recored. That's so crazy awesome!



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