Monday, February 4, 2013

My Day in Doodles

I started my day crunched into a tight ball. 
It is that time of month. 
That time of month makes me want to curl up and not move.

Then an awesome friend of mine wanted to hang out with me (aww! Me? Thanks!). 
That helped me perk up! 
We talked birthing and stuff. 

And then I crashed again. 
I devoured lots of dark chocolate while watching documentaries.

As the day moved on, I got droopier.

Poor Michael.

Still, even as I flop around the house, 
I would call this a very happy day. 
I feel cheerful and taken care of.

Even while I look gross and insist on wearing Michael pajamas.
(Maybe I'm still recovering from the withdrawal of having him gone all weekend).

Brought to you by: My Art Supplies.
Oh yeah, and me.


  1. You forgot the part where you got all cuddly and kissy.
    I like the doodle where I'm squished.

  2. Cute. It makes me want to hang out in my husbands pj pants too. I love the one where you are laying on top of him.

  3. I LOVE Your doodles. I can so connect with the picture of you at the computer with the chocolate. In my case you'd need to add a few kids pulling on me. I also LOVE your supply of permanent markers. I have the same ones and I love love love to draw with them. People think it's weird that I draw with permanent marker but you can't erase regular marker either and using permanent ones makes me feel powerful like I'm so awesome I can draw something perfect the first time (plus the colors are better).

  4. Every drawing made me laugh and nod in agreement. Love, love,


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