Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What the Kids Do While I Draw

I drew this because I really wanted to remember the way Scarlett was hanging onto Michael in church on Sunday. She was so cute...she actually behaved well for the entire meeting! That was awesome and completely unexpected. She seemed to be enjoying herself, raising Michael's hand for the sustainings in ward business (if you're not Mormon, I'm sorry-- that probably sounds like a jumble of nonsense). She was quiet and sweet. 
Now I will take you backstage! While I drew that picture, I wore Michael's headphones. They make this soundworld bubble that drowns out all other sounds. 
>:) Yes, even children-sounds. It was like a vacation. 
So I completely zoned out of the world and zoned into drawing. I drew that picture up there, but I also drew some really dumb pictures with the "sticker" feature in another program...uh...so, I pretty much scribbled a ton. It was super fun, and I figured out a few new tricks in the art program. Makes me feel smart. 
But of course, when I zone out, the world keeps going even though I could swear it doesn't. 
After my little vacation, I learned just what the kids had done when I was deaf to their mischief. 

Over all, it was worth it. I mean, here I am again with the headphones and drawing! (Avoiding my laundry...I swear my laundry doesn't intimidate me, but it just fails to persuade me that it's the priority).
I think the kids enjoyed their own vacation from me, too.


  1. They were adorable! I loved the way they were getting so much out of that cardboard box.

  2. My kids do the exact same thing to cardboard boxes. What is so fun about ripping them to pieces?


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