Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saturday Morning of Awesomeness

Do this:
Get a thick duvet cover and a fan. 
Voila! A tent! Or should I say...DuTent?

It is so cool. 

I love how Ender's eyes go scrunchy when he's smiling for a camera.

:D Hehehe!

I'm not sure why this was so funny, but Ender was outside the DuTent and sticking his hand into the corner. It just looked weird and alien-y. And funny. Especially when he quickly popped his hand away from it.

Lynnae's pants are floating towards us. In apologizing for using a picture of Lynnae that is deceptively unflattering, let me divert your attention by pointing out that Ender and I have the same stubby toes. 

I felt like we were in a space pod or something. 
I also felt like a kid again. :) 

The uber complicated magic behind the making of a DuTent.

Our documentation of this kidly adventure together...
Obviously, part of a Saturday Morning of Awesomeness is not being all glammed up. 
And that part doesn't need to be documented.
So we sent in our handy substitutes to take over.

Are you jealous? Make your weekend awesome too! 
Guys, you have to try this. It's too fun to pass up.


  1. Awesome! We do this all the time, but we always just use a regular sheet, so someone has to spend the whole time making sure it is all tucked in. This is so much better!

  2. Oh, you two. How you make me laugh. :)

  3. Must find a duvet cover...and a box fan... We used to do a version of this as a kid. We would get up on cold mornings and take our sheet over the floor vent and tuck the edges under us. I used to read like that a lot.


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