Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just When I Thought I'd Have a Sick-Free Winter

I woke up last night feeling claustrophobic.

The bedroom heater was on, and my nose was stuffed dry, and my throat felt like the tender inner skins had been stretched taut by pliers. My head felt three times bigger than its appropriate size.

Ugh. Thankfully, we have a door in our room to the back porch. I turned off the heat, opened the door, and laid down just waiting and waiting to fall asleep.
I guess it happened, because I woke up again. I did the good thing and took some medicine (I just don't like medicine--that's a whole other post). When Michael left to practice, he said "Take it easy, okay?"
That is beautifully sweet of him that he understands if I sit around like a compost heap all day. But take it easy? I'd love to--but I'd have to hire a babysitter. It's endlessly hard for a Mommy to take it easy.
Oi. I just have to be done. My giantess head is weighing me down.

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