Friday, November 28, 2008

My Baby

I sat on the floor painting my toenails when Michael let Ender crawl into my room, happy and groggy from his nap. He started toward my nail polish, so I smiled and said "No no no!" But he looked up at me with big eyes and gave me the saddest little frown and nearly cried! I immediately felt horrible! Those were the first words I said to him after he had woken up, and I had not even looked at him yet! I put away the polish and held him tight. I felt kind of like a bad mommy. So the rest of the day, I tried extra hard to pay attention to my baby. He had a hard time with the "no's" that day, which made me feel really sorry. :(
* * * * * * * * *
I LOVE my baby's soft, chubby legs. I love his sweet nose. I love his perfectly-timed eyebrow raising. I love his pretty, little mouth. I love his great big grin! I love to cuddle him in my arms, or to chase him as he crawls as rapidly as he can (quite fast) while I roar when he glances back over his shoulder, squealing in delight.
I love that he does not hold still while I change his diaper. How could he with so many things to explore?! He seems to me a very curious, observant boy. I feel so excited to get to know him better and better. I would hope he hears more than "no" from me all the time.

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