Thursday, February 12, 2009

Muscular Armpits Be Challenged!

Remember a long time ago when my armpits were stronger than my abs? NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!
BOO-YAHHHH!!! (Yeah, I'm aware that just dated me a little bit)
I lifted weights yesterday for my workout, and my biceps are coming back wonderfully! And under my post-baby skin stuff, I have ABS! I really do! :D And that skin stuff is progressing slowly in its shrinkage. Little by very little. And my pants SUDDENLY fit nicer! I noticed the other day that my legs looked smaller, even though I was sitting with my thighs all spread on the seat! (You better know what I'm talking about there).
And today when I went swimming and did the butterfly, I actually felt POWERFUL again instead of like I was going to die. Oh, happiness and healthiness!

Oh, one more thing. And this feels so good because it's the first time in my life that I've been so successful with New Year's Resolutions: I'M DOING IT! ALL of it except for harp and sewing machine, isn't that crazily wonderful?! And I'm still trying with harp. The sewing machine will happen soon enough. I'm not too worried. :) Besides, we're going to move soon, so it's not exactly on the to-do list.

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