Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I've made lists of how I'd like my days to go...and they haven't benefited me all that much. Lists can be like that. While I filter all my hopes and goals down to the most important, I'm going to record the reasons I want to achieve these goals. I can write goal after goal and figure out exactly what has to happen to reach those goals, but I must not forget why those goals are important.
In no particular order:

  • I will wake up consistently early and go to bed consistently early.
    WHY? I will feel so much better; I will provide personal time for myself by starting the day before Ender starts his; I will eat breakfast at the right time; I am supposed to.
  • I will be more affectionate with Michael and Ender.
    WHY? Affection is Michael's love language; babies need to feel their mommy's love; I will love myself better; I will be focused on the eternal priorities.
  • I will exercise at least 5 days a week (at least 30 minutes per day).
    Hah! Because I must! It is a commandment to care for this temple; I will be more in tune with my body, my spirit and the Holy Spirit; I will feel better; I will look better; I will sleep better; I will have more energy.
  • I will pick a private room in the house to pray aloud.
    My prayers will be more sincere; I will learn to align my will with Heavenly Father's will; I need divine help; my family and friends need divine help.
  • I will not take part in entertainment that is crude.
    It would show irreverence for the gifts I have been blessed with in life; I know better.
  • I will practice the harp at least twice a week.
    I love the harp; I have a talent, therefore I have a duty to share it; my fingers' muscle memory will otherwise decline.
  • I will figure out how to be the Mary Kay consultant I dream of being.
    I have prayed about it and feel it will be an immense blessing to all; I want to see myself work hard, prove myself and accomplish something I used to only dream of; we need a car!
  • I will be more fun!
    To be a good friend; to bless my family; to develop my personality even further; to be a child with my children when they need that special companionship in imagination; it feels so good to laugh; others will feel boosted by my enjoyment of being with them.
  • I will doodle every month.
    It's so fun! It makes other people happy! It makes me laugh! It awakens what I like to think of as "my deep well of creativity." Um, I've never thought of it in those words, but...that's the idea.
  • I will play around with my sewing machine.
    I suspect I have a hidden talent in there; this is another fun thing; I could see so many ideas come to fruition! It feels empowering; I ought to know how to sew better than simple mending (I just feel that way).
  • I will cook a lot!
    My family needs to eat; I love baking and trying new recipes (so it feels fulfilling); this may be yet another hidden talent.

There are always lots of things I could resolve to change for the new year, but I weedled them down to my spiritual parts in dire need of improvement, urgent physical needs and talents that need growth or development. Having "published" them on my blog, I now feel wonderfully obligated! Bravo!


  1. Good list - those are all things I'm sure lots of us are working on. I'm sure you'll be successful - just be patient with yourself. And a suggestion related to my last comment - work on one at a time, and don't move to the next until you've got somewhat of a grasp on the first. Otherwise you'll burn out. I know, I've been there many times :). Love you, and good luck!

  2. hey, yay! it's working! this is the first time i've been able to comment on your blog! i have to go to bed so this will be short. i just want to say i love you so much, and you can do whatever you set your mind to, just remember to pray for specific things to help you. because, when there seems to be so much to remember, so much to improve on, the number one thing that will help is prayer. :) again, i love you!

  3. I just reviewed this, and I can happily say I am doing very, very well! Huzzah!


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