Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mr. Boogeyman Has the Wrong Victim

It's been a kind of funny day...
(and I sat for a minute or two wondering what sentence comes next).
I mopped the kitchen floor again to get rid of some mysterious Ender gook. But when I came back probably five minutes later, Ender was leaving yet another trail--only this time, it was worse than mysterious gook. It was obvious gook. Gook that I smelled before seeing. That kind of gook.
It made me laugh. And mop again. Ender turned his bath into a shower by pulling the little faucet trigger and thought it was hilarious! He's such a goofball!

I had three parties lined up for this evening, and they all cancelled. Sort of. Two did...and the third? Never heard back from those awesome girls (we're good friends), and I'm not quite sure I ever found the right address. Who can get lost in Rexburg?! I really do fine with directions, but it's a different story in the dark. Dark dark dark. When I drive at night, I talk to myself way more than usual.
"Well if there's anyone in the car, at least you get to come to a Mary Kay party!" And then I imagined Mr. Boogeyman shaking his head and deciding I just wasn't the right victim. Too confident, too daring.
It's still a good day, and I have several more parties in the books.

A good portion (bad portion?) of my day passed in reading Nienie Dialogues. She's amazing. I get a strong mixture of feelings when I read about her; I want to be like her, and sometimes I want to so badly it hurts. I remind myself that my life has been a whole lot cozier lately, and I would never want the same trials. Mostly I find myself wishing we could be friends. And wondering if I have as much pizazz and color to my personality. I look around my house and feel like the decorations aren't as interesting as they should be, or that the kitchen is maybe TOO clean. Which I admit is pretty funny. :) You know, the biggest thing is that I hope I'm as romantic with Michael as she is with "Mr. Nielson." I love Michael and do my best to be affectionate. There are some days when my mind is so encased in its glass tunnel of focus (Maddie, you know exactly what I'm talking about) that I hardly take a moment to do nothing. The important kind of nothing.
Hahahha...and then I get a little jealous about the blogging. I get locked in the quicksand mindset that my entries must be deeply thought-provoking, epic, perfectly expressed documents.
Anyway, it was one of those times I had to remind myself that I really am cool.
*Michael has his headphones on and just bumped Ender's musical-tiger-with-felt-hair-who-catches-plastic-balls-in-his-purple-basket-and-whose-nose-lights-up-and-he-cheers-toy and didn't even notice when the bouncy music tinkled out. I love it when silly things like that make me laugh!*
And a blog post can be as short as I want. As DUMB as I want! *GASP!!!*

Just to prove it, my next will be quite dumb.

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  1. For the record, only you can write a blog the way you do, and that is valuable in itself. And I love you. And you really are cool.


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